How Can I Burn Xbox 360 Games to Protect My Entertainment Investment?

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The fact that you've begun reading this article reveals you as a happy Xbox 360 owner who is asking, "How can I burn Xbox 360 games to protect them?" Video games are really expensive, and the prices seem to be going up. Read the the Game Copy wizard Review for more...

The fact that you've begun reading this article reveals you as a happy Xbox 360 owner who is asking,Guest Posting "How can I burn Xbox 360 games to protect them?" Video games are really expensive, and the prices seem to be going up. If, once you've bought a game, you could be sure that the game disk would last forever, you wouldn't worry like you do about damage from scratches, accidents, loss, or theft. When you consider the cost of games and the inevitability of damage or loss in the future, asking, "How do I burn Xbox games?" in a prudent question.

You are probably asking yourself, "Can I burn Xbox 360 games legally?" Before explaining how I burn Xbox games, let me assure you that it is perfectly legal for you to make backup copies of any Xbox 360 games that you own. They're your property, and you are simply protecting your investment. Copying games, whether they're yours or someone else's, for resale or profit is a violation of copyright laws. It's a felony. Don't do it!

Now - back to the business of learning how to burn Xbox games. I'm sure that you have burned a music CD using your computer. Burning a copy of an Xbox 360 game is very similar. The only difference is the game copying software that you must use. The Xbox games have a copy protection scheme that cannot be bypassed by the standard copying software that you traditionally use for copying music or videos. Special software, designed specifically for copying games, is available to bypass the game's copy protection, and lets you burn excellent backup copies. Once you have acquired a copy of this special software, and installed it to your computer, you're ready to start making backups.

Learning how to burn Xbox games couldn't be more simple. Once the software is installed, load the original Xbox 360 game into the computer and follow the onscreen instructions to copy the game files to the computer hard drive. When indicated, remove the Xbox game, insert the blank disk, and follow onscreen instructions to copy the game files from the computer hard drive. When the copying process is completed, you'll have an excellent backup copy of the original game that you can keep for daily use, while storing away the original game for safekeeping.

If you are tired of worrying about damaging or destroying any of your collection of valuable Xbox games, and wish to reduce your risk of spending your hard earned money on replacement games, it's time for you to acquire a copy of good game copying software, learn how you can burn Xbox games, and begin backing up these expensive games.

As you can see from the simplicity of the copying process given above, you don't need to be a computer geek to successfully backup your games. All you need are the original Xbox 360 games, a good supply of high quality DVD blank disks, a personal computer with a DVD burning drive, and a good Xbox game copying software application.

It takes very little equipment to perform backups. If you're missing anything that you need, it will be readily available at a local office supply store. For the game copying software, however, you may have better luck finding good downloadable software online.

The actual steps required to copy information from the game disk to the hard drive and back to a blank DVD disk may vary depending upon the game copying software used. Although the different software applications may have different onscreen graphics, the general flow of the procedure will be quite similar to the procedures described above. The software usually is supported by an online tutorial giving step by step instructions, but even reference to this tutorial may be unnecessary as the onscreen instructions for most of these game copying software applications are more than adequate to walk you through the process.

If you've carefully read through this article, your question, "How can I burn Xbox 360 games to protect them?" is answered. Now that you know how easy it is to make backups of your Xbox games, and how much money you may save by not having to replace damaged of lost games - go to it. Get your game copying software, install it, and start protecting you costly Xbox 360 games.

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