How to Dress for Prom to Complement Your Date

May 17


RAJAT Benzene

RAJAT Benzene

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Prom night is a significant event in high school, filled with excitement and anticipation. Dressing appropriately to complement your date can make the evening even more memorable. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of prom attire, ensuring you look your best while harmonizing with your date's outfit.


Prom night is a milestone event,How to Dress for Prom to Complement Your Date Articles and dressing to complement your date can elevate the experience. This guide provides detailed tips on how to coordinate your attire, from matching styles and colors to choosing the right accessories. Learn how to select the perfect tuxedo or suit, shirt, tie, and shoes, and discover the importance of the boutonniere. With these tips, you'll be one of the best-dressed individuals at prom, ensuring a night to remember.

Coordinating Styles

Understanding Dress Codes

Before diving into outfit selection, it's crucial to understand your school's dress code for prom. Options may include:

  • Creative Black Tie
  • Black Tie Optional
  • Semiformal

If your date opts for a less formal dress, you can consider a suit and tie, possibly with a quirky touch like sneakers. For a formal gown, stick to a traditional tuxedo with a black jacket, matching trousers, and a black or white vest or cummerbund.

Matching Colors

Color coordination is key to avoiding a fashion faux pas. Here are some tips:

  1. Match Your Tie or Vest: Align your tie or vest with your date's dress color. If she's wearing a neutral color, you have room for creativity. For instance, a white-on-black bow tie or an all-black tux can look striking.
  2. Shopping Together: If possible, go shopping with your date to ensure perfect color matching.

The Boutonniere

Selecting the right boutonniere can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Choose a flower that complements your date's dress color. For example, red flowers pair well with black outfits.

Essential Prom Attire

The Jacket

Opt for a tuxedo-style jacket in plain black with a shawl collar. The lapels can be faced in black satin for a traditional look. Ensure there's a working buttonhole for a boutonniere.

The Trousers

Match your trousers with your jacket. They should feature a satin stripe down the outside of each leg. Suspenders can add a classy touch, but avoid cheap ones that might fail during dancing.

The Shirt

A plain white shirt with a stiff vertical band (placket) in the center is ideal. Use studs instead of sewn-on buttons for a polished look.

The Tie

A plain black bow tie is a classic choice. Learn to tie it yourself for a more authentic appearance.

The Shoes

While renting shoes is an option, owning a pair of classy black formal shoes is a worthwhile investment. Breaking in new shoes on prom night can be uncomfortable, so choose wisely.

Choosing a Suit or Tuxedo

Renting vs. Buying

Renting a tuxedo is often more practical than buying, especially since you may only wear it once. Tuxedos are expensive, and your size may change as you grow.

Color Choices

Black is a versatile choice, but you can also consider white or navy. For a bolder look, maroon or green can be striking, depending on your date's dress color.

Matching Trousers

Ensure your trousers match your jacket in material and style. For tuxedos, trousers should have a satin stripe down each leg. Suspenders can be a stylish alternative to belts.

The Dress Shirt

A plain white dress shirt is timeless. If you prefer a non-traditional look, choose a shirt color that complements your date's outfit. Consider cuff styles: barrel cuffs are common, while French cuffs are fancier.

The Boutonniere

Coordinate with your date to choose flowers that match her dress. A plain white pocket square can complete your look.

Final Tips

  • Respect and Demeanor: The most important part of your outfit is your demeanor and respect toward your peers and your companion.
  • Confidence: Wear your outfit with confidence, and you'll shine on prom night.


Dressing for prom is an exciting part of the experience. By following these tips, you'll ensure that you and your date look harmonious and stylish. Have additional tips? Feel free to share them with us!

Happy Styling!

Interesting Stats

  • According to a survey by Visa, the average American family spends around $919 on prom-related expenses, including attire, tickets, and transportation (source).
  • A study by Seventeen Magazine found that 70% of teens coordinate their prom outfits with their dates (source).

For more detailed advice on prom attire, check out GQ's guide to prom suits and Esquire's tips on prom style.

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