How to Dress Up Wedding Halls For Autumn

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Getting married in the fall is not always the top choice for some couples but it can be perfect if you deck out the wedding halls to align with the season. Here are some ideas.

Getting married in the fall is not always the top choice for some couples but it can be perfect if you deck out the wedding halls to align with the season. So many brides and grooms pick the summer or spring for their big day because of the moderate temperatures and availability of fresh flowers. Unfortunately,Guest Posting because those two seasons are so popular, costs of holding a wedding reception go up because space at venues is at a premium. Not only will it be less costly in off seasons such as autumn, there will likely be plenty of openings on the halls' schedule books. Autumnal ceremonies can be lovely and unique with a bit of creativity. Here are some ideas for decorating your wedding:

- Fairytale twinkly lights with fall touch: One can't go wrong with decorative lights. Those twinkly garlands spell romance wherever they're strung. A lovely seasonal touch is to add silk leaves in fall colors interspersed. Craft stores have a ready supply of orange, yellow and red leaves. Use a hole-punch to create holes and then string them in between the tiny light bulbs. There you have it! These can be hung all around the hall in a creative manner.

- Table linens in seasonal colors: Muted autumnal colors will look smashing on tablecloths and napkins. This season, skip the white tablecloths and go toward the colors of the falling leaves.

- Name cards tied onto napkins: Instead of placing name cards at place settings on the tables, tying names on the rolled napkins with twine will add to the ambiance and double as a napkin ring.

- Unique cake toppers: Instead of the traditional bride and groom statue, many couples opt for something unique to their party. Receptions held in the fall can use metallic garlands of leaves shaped into the first initial of their new joint last name of the happy Mr. and Mrs.

- Caramel apples as additional dessert: Along with the wedding cake, having caramel apples on twigs rather than sticks is a rustic touch. Having these set out on a silver tray alongside the coffee, tea and champagne will make a lovely autumnal statement.

- Groomsmen's ties in an assortment of hues: Instead of having all groomsmen wear the same color of tie, a festive touch is for them to wear a crayon box of fall tones. Burnt orange, red, cranberry, and golden brown will be perfect.

- Centerpieces: Centerpieces can be glass spheres or votives that are filled with dried leaves or fall hued glass marbles or gewgaws in similar colors. Most wedding halls have their own centerpieces, but bring your own for a festive touch.

- Candles: Candles can be in hues of the autumnal rainbow, just like the groomsmen's ties. The candlesticks can be simple and inexpensive wooden ones picked up at a craft store. After they're spray painted in the aligning colors, these will be keepers or souvenirs for guests.

When a bride and groom decide to tie the knot in the fall, there are lots of benefits. They will likely have reduced prices and more availability for wedding halls; the guests will be happy to attend a marital gala in the off-season; and the plethora of decorating possibilities will be unique and endless.

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