How to Get a Free Satellite TV Receiver and Dish

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Thinking about getting satellite TV service and want to know where to get a free satellite TV receiver and dish? Read on ...

Free Satellite TV Receiver and Dish

Satellite television has become increasingly popular in recent years and is gaining by leaps and bounds on cable TV. However,Guest Posting many people resist getting satellite TV service because they're worried about having to buy additional equipment.

The good news is most satellite TV companies will now give you all the equipment you need for satellite TV viewing - a free satellite dish and up to four free receivers - as an incentive to subscribe to their service.

How Does a Satellite Receiver Work?

A digital satellite receiver decodes and descrambles the digital programming signal sent from a TV satellite and transmits it to a television. Many receivers can also record satellite TV programs and display high definition (HD) programming.

What is a DVR receiver?

A DVR (digital video recorder) receiver is a type of receiver that can record satellite TV programs. Standard DVR receivers can record up to 100 hours of programming, and you can also get receivers that can record up to 200 hours.

In addition to recording, a DVR receiver allows you to fast forward through commercials, and pause live TV so you can get a snack or answer the phone.

What is an HDTV receiver?

An HDTV receiver is a satellite receiver that produces a high definition signal, providing the clearest picture available. It also broadcasts the audio signal in Dolby Digital format for the best sound.

What does a satellite TV dish do?

A satellite TV dish captures the signal coming from a satellite, and deflects it to an LNB (low-noise block) converter where the signal is amplified and sent to a television receiver.

Where can I get a receiver and dish for free?

Most DISH Network and DIRECTV satellite TV dealers will give you a free dish and free receivers as an incentive to subscribe to satellite TV service through them.

DISH Network programming service starts at $19.99 for their Dish Family programming package. They will give you a free dish and up to four free receivers plus remotes when subscribe. You can also get a free DVR receiver or a free HDTV receiver.

DIRECTV programming starts at $41.99 for their Total Choice package. They offer a free dish and four free receivers plus remotes when you sign with them. A DVR or an HD receiver is free after a $99 mail-in rebate.

Some DISH Network and DIRECTV dealers include hidden fees, do shoddy installation, and may offer limited customer service, so you need to be careful when you choose a satellite TV dealer. Click on the links below to see recommended DISH Network and DIRECTV dealers.

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