Is Singing a Natural or Crafted Talent?

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Are great vocal pipes something you’re born with or something you build from the ground up?

It's a rather old question. Are great vocal pipes something you're born with or something you build from the ground up?Consider the fact that speaking and singing are not the major function of your vocal folds. Their physiological function is to support breathing and protect your air passages (surprising considering how much we use the voice).Some people just have a natural advantage in sports,Guest Posting modeling, or other activities because of physical characteristics they're born with. The same is true of the voice.There are plenty of people walking the streets who have no interest or knowledge of their ability to sing, but might be naturally great at it. Likewise, there are people who have the desire to be a great singer, but may have to work to build their voice.The importance of voice lessons can't be discounted here. Even if you can naturally hit the high notes with power, proper technique is critical if you want to avoid damage over the long haul.If you have limited range and power, vocal training will help you work with what you've got, and build your voice the proper way. Not everyone was meant to sing like Celine Dion or Steven Tyler. Discover your voice naturally and enjoy the process of expanding your range and power.Need help with pitch problems? Don't automatically assume that you're tone deaf if you find yourself sharp or flat (true tone deafness only occurs in 1 out of 20 people). A lot of times the proper vocal exercises and ear training can help you distinguish and match pitch better.If you decide to take voice lessons, be sure that your instructor is credible and knows proper voice technique (most importantly breathing fundamentals). There are a lot of people out there that know how to play piano scales, and will just have you follow along. Your instructor should be able to demonstrate (at least on a basic level) what they're trying to teach you.You can take singing lessons online if you want to avoid the high cost of private instruction or if you live in an area where a voice instructor isn’t easily available. Singorama is the program we’re currently promoting because of it’s price and how thorough the instruction materials are. Click here for more information.I highly recommend that you consult a teaching professional at some point in your training (at least periodically) to ensure you aren't falling into bad habits.Enjoy the process! It can be fun and you'll be amazed over time what your voice is capable of.Recommended Reading: “Tone Deafness Explained” on Set Your Voice Free: How To Get The Singing Or Speaking Voice You Want

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