Karaoke Night Out - Some Top Do's and Dont's

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This guide discusses how to best prepare for a karaoke office night out, and gives 9 tips to avoid looking foolish, such as to pick a song you can connect with emotionally.

Its very easy to mess up your first karaoke night out especially if its with a large group of your friends so here are some easy tips to follow to ensure they wont be whispering about you the next day.

1. Dont drink too much before you perform your song its very tempting to have some dutch courage but nothing tightens your vocal chords like drink.

2. Dont read all of the lyrics off the screen obviously if there are passages you are unsure about then look but otherwise try to engage with the audience.

3. Dont scream into the microphone or hold it too close and never strain for notes you can’t reach

4. Dont be too serious about your performance,Guest Posting its supposed to be fun too!

5. Do think about your choice of song and maybe even hum it through just to be sure you know you can hit all the notes and know most of the words perfectly.

6. Do pick a song that you can emotionally connect with

7. Do drink some water to hydrate your vocal chords

8. Do move to the song, if you look like you’re not enjoying the experience then no one else will

9. Do have lots of fun and encourage others with their performances too.

If you are out with someone special then sing to them to help you focus your performance and have lots of fun doing it. Karaoke is all about enjoying performance and if you are someone who doesnt then why dont you suggest a duet or a group singing together to make it more fun.

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