Augmented Piano Chords

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Article about piano chords.

Everyone wants to learn piano but no one knows how difficult it is to learn the piano and the notes which make the tune of the piano. Piano chords which are made from one or more notes play a very important role. Piano chords,Guest Posting which are used along with the major and minor chords and help you to create more innovative, new tune are known as augmented piano chords.

Augmented chords make the sound of piano chords resonating and lively which enhances the listening experience of the piano chords. These chords also improve the quality of the tune you play. One of the fundamental chord types includes augmented triads but is used in a small quantity as compared to the major and minor piano chords. The augmented triads consists of the major 3rd, augmented 5th and root of the major scale. Quite a few musical tunes which we hear in our daily life have a major part of major chords and a very small part of minor chords. There are twelve augmented triads present which make up the augmented piano chords.

“Aug” is the term which is used to represent augmented triads. You can also use the C augmented chord when you move from 1st phrase to the second one. It is not at all difficult to invent a new song but it is extremely difficult to play different piano chords.

The augmented chord is quite a lot similar to the major chord with a difference that the fifth note of the augmented chord is one half higher than the fifth note of the major chord. Foe example if the chords of the C major chord are C, E, and G, then the notes of the C augmented chord will be C, E, and G#.

Playing the augmented piano chords is also very easy. You just have to play a major chord in its root position and raise the fifth note by one half steps. We can also write the formula for augmented chords as “Root+4HS+HS”. The augmented 7th chord has an interesting color and appeal. It is made up of an augmented triad and a minor 7th interval. It is composed of D, F#, A#, and C.

Piano chords are only a group of notes which they seem to be. The augmented piano chords are also available online as online piano chords. The online piano chords are easy to use and many new learners of the piano find that training on the online piano chords is user friendly as well. Any trainee of music who has access to internet can check the various websites offering the online piano chords. The online piano chords details are not difficult to decipher and very easy to practice along with the keyboard. Playing online piano chords along with humming of the song or tracing with the song played on the audio player can help someone to become expert in playing the augmented online piano chords.

As the heart is important for the human being to live on earth, the same way it is the chords which make the music of the piano livelier. It is never the end, so get up now and start learning the piano.

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