Lajja Telugu Movie Review Rating

Feb 10




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Release date : February 05 2016 Author Rating : 2.25/5 Director : Narasimha Nandi Producer : Tirupathi Music Director : Sukku Starring : Madhumitha, Narasimha Nandi Talented director Narasimha Nandi, who made films like Kamala Tho Na Prayanam is back with his latest film Lajja. This hard hitting film has hit the screen today. Let’s see how it is.


Story: -

Suseela (Madhumita) is a simple house wife who leads a miserable life because of her strict husband. One day,Lajja Telugu Movie Review Rating Articles she meets a young man named Saleem (Varun) and falls for him.
As time passes, she left her husband for good and flees with Saleem and begins a new life. Twist in the tale arises when an unfortunate incident happened in the life of Suseela.
What this incident? and what happens to him after she decided to start a new life? Which forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points: -

The film's story centers on women and enhances the thought process of a woman when she faces enormous problems. How women deal with some sensitive issues were housebroken. First half of the film has decent moments with punchy dialogues.Madhumita impressive high time Suseela. The way she goes about its bold character and emphasizes the subtle expressions is quite good. Varun played his supporting role very well. The chemistry between the lead pair is a huge plus for the film.

Negative points: -

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is extremely disappointed climax. The way things end after the procedure start to get interesting disappoint all a lot of time.Film is very slow pace that the procedures take a long time to unfold. All those who are tempted after seeing the posters and trailers will be disappointed erotic big time after coming in cinemas.There is absolutely no commercial value in the film and the public regularly find it very difficult to digest. Although the film is very contemporary, some scenes were presented as if the 50s, which is extremely confusing.

Technical aspects: -

camera work needs a special mention as the film is presented in a completely natural way. Editing is pretty decent and so is the music and background score of the film. Coming to the director Narasimha Nandi, he should be credited for coming up with a hard-hitting story like that. Although he begins work well, it completely follows the film side after a point and makes sense of the film.


Very few of us know it very difficult to make films based on popular novels. Lajja is a view of the famous novel Chalam Maidanam. Although policymakers have chosen the principle, how they performed the film and drop all the paroxysm is very disappointing. Except for the proper performance by the pair of lead, this film is distracted after a point and is now found everywhere.

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