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We are able to know something about running. The running has different goals but only one the same is to increase the speed and improve our endurance. We ought to know something about slow long running and relaxation running.

There are different goals in the running.At first,Guest Posting all running have the same goals that are to accumulate the distance in order to increase our basic endurance.In the second place there is one same rule for us is that it is very important for the over situation.Jogging: There is relationship between jogging and long distance. There is one running we often call LSD or the long distance slow speed running. The long distance jogging is the very important training of marathon every week. We should have a slow running so that we are able to accomplish the task of training. It will make us have the ability of burning our fat and it is another reason of jogging. One change of slow long distance training is to become fast and then most of it is slow speed.So the slow long running is compulsive. There is different speed of slow long running and because the words of coach are diiferent. There is one standard for the palpitation is the biggest heartbeat. There is thirty to ninety seconds in one mile to run for Hal Higdon and in the other word it needs 25 to 65 seconds to finish one kilometer. It is slower than that of marathon. At the same time, he thinks it does not the matter how slowly you run. What we should do if we do not know the speed of marathon running.You can use the speed when you are running as you are speaking to others.It is very hard to have a slow speed of running to the new comers. They are not have difficulties in running but they will be not able to tolerate the slow long running. The mood of you is cool and clam down. The marathon is a sport of patience. If you do not hold down it and the level of marathon will not increase. For instance a football team, it will not be a good team if it does not know how to control the overall situations only to know dash attack.Relaxation running: Just as its name implies the relaxation running depends on our feeling. You are able to run as you like when you finish warm exercise. The speed is in the middle of slow long running and marathon. If the speed you have is faster than that of marathon, you will have a feeling of relax. You will reach the training plan or marathon goal and because you have enough ability to arrive at them. The relaxation running is the same with the slow long running and their slow speed are the same. Do worry about it if you have troubles in doing it and only you have no too much.If you want the best Nike Free Run 2 or Nike Free Run then go online.

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