Long Island Birthday Entertainment

Feb 16


Larry Weiss

Larry Weiss

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One of the most important things you can do to make sure the event goes off well if the plan on having great entertainment. Your guests will go ...


One of the most important things you can do to make sure the event goes off well if the plan on having great entertainment.  Your guests will go crazy when they get to watch a real life magic show at the party. Long Island magicians make a great choice,Long Island Birthday Entertainment Articles but also consider party rides or a fun kid's DJ show.

Long Island Party Ideas

You can always search online to find an entertainer but a better way to do it is to ask around or some recommendations from your friends who have kids too. Put up a post on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed and ask, “can somebody recommend a really good magician for my child’s birthday party?”

Another good place to get recommendations and find a good party entertainer is to call your local catering hall or country club.  The managers at these institutions have lots of experience working with all sorts of party entertainment vendors like DJs, magicians, balloon artist, jugglers, ventriloquists and clowns.  See who they usually recommend.  Just be careful when you book entertainment at keyword all through a banquet manager.  Some banquet managers get a kickback from the entertainment agency that they recommend and so sometimes you don’t always get the very best performer.  But generally, banquet managers are in the business of trying to make their customers happy and so they won’t recommend somebody that doesn’t rotten job just to make a few dollars in commission.

Party Entertainment

Always look for an entertainer that has a video that will allow you to sample their show. Ideally you want to go and see the performer working before a live audience but this isn’t always practical.  Many party entertainers do not do public performances, they only work at private parties.  Getting you invited into a private party showcase the act isn’t always possible. A video clip will help you quickly separate strong contenders from the weaker candidates.  Before you go out of your way to a nightclub or a showcase event make sure you watch that video and do your homework on the act otherwise you may find out you wasted your time.

One of the best types of entertainment for children’s birthday parties is a live magic show presented by a professional magician who has lots of experience working with kids.  A magic show works well because it has a broad appeal.  A birthday party clown can only appeal to kids ages four through six.  Younger children are terrified of bizarre looking clowns and children older than six will find a clown to be a babyish type of show and they’ll resent it.

Book a great magician for your child's event. Magic will connect with your guests and make your party fun and magical.