Love War & The Magic Ball

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A story of love, war and the AMAZING power and MAGIG of FOOTBALL (soccer) to unite billions of people from all over the globe as ONE with the same passion and love just like MAGIC.

2006 a year when the whole world unites in the greatest SPORT event on earth. World Football.

MELBOURNE,Guest Posting VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. May 01 -2006 – The world united as one by the power of sports. Football (soccer), brings billions of people together, united by the same passion of the game.

Love War & The Magic Ball is a novel with a message that no matter what war is current the passion for this game has no limits. It is played in every country. It is about the pain and misery that war brings to people prompting millions of refugees to seek new lands and new futures.

The book is mainly about the two world wars which produced millions of immigrants leaving a destroyed Europe to find a better life. Two families, one German the other English, bitter enemies of a war they did not start,  find themselves on a ship to the New World searching for new futures and through the innocence of their two young sons the two families become close friends.

This is the story of Olaf Heimmer and Clifford Ward, two gifted football superstars and of their loves in times of peace and of time of war. When WW2 breaks out Olaf is sent to North Africa. When the war intensifies Clifford joins the R.A.F. He is brought down ending up in a POW Camp, where Olaf has been sent.

Love War & The Magic Ball tells stories of love, wars, football games, escape attempts, the persecution of Jews and the Holocaust, the joys and difficulties of coming home. Eventually the two friends and families move to San Francisco, CA, as Chile’s economy collapses.

Chile once again achieves democracy, fragile at first but growing stronger. But no matter what the world problems football goes on and on to this time when the world once again unites through the Magic Ball and for always. No war will stop the magic of football or the power of love.

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Paul Diaz traveled extensively interviewing and listening to dozens of war veterans from both sides thus enriching his knowledge and enabling him to write Love War & The Magic Ball.

Paul Diaz is a language teacher, and engineer, has an MBA in Business and he is a Sport Coach.


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Paul Diaz
Paul Diaz

Paul Diaz is a language teacher, and engineer, has an MBA in Business and he is a Sport Coach.

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