Make Singing Your Hobby and Bask in Best Benefits

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Planning to be some rock star or have dreams of singing in front of a crowd or a stage or is it that you just wish to learn music to keep yourself entertained. If so, here are few valuable reasons to transform your music learning as a hobby:

Mood lifter

The fact cannot be denied that as you hear anyone signing a song of your choice,Guest Posting you surely feel better. There is a magic in music that it just happens. Bringing music in your life means you can take voice lessons, learn playing an instrument or even listen to music so that your mood lifts and you feel happy. It works as an instant relief.


Bring out your rock star

It is time you bring out the rock star that is inside you. It is there, you may have realized long back, but it is time you give it a voice outside. If you are hesitant, pretend to play in front of the mirror. Get good with lots of practice and just do it.


In a group

If you like music, join some orchestra or local band. You can also participate in some musical group so that it creates a unique community sense and in this way you can nurture new relationships. If you are good at writing, try to write some lyrics and share with others. They can put it into melody and you will notice a unique twist in you.


 You become smarter

Music improves the function of the brain. Students can memorize academic facts using songs. Music playing helps retaining information for a longer period. Keep yourself and your brain active by considering music your hobby.


Safe driving

As per a study it is confirmed that you stay concentrated and are more careful when you listen to music. Singing takes your mind off and this is true, yet a person listening to music and driving is subconsciously alert when he or she gets distracted. In fact, singing is best in the car, especially when you feel you are dozing, this will keep you awake and reach home safe.


Improves health

Singing releases into your system endorphins and makes you highly uplifted and energized. People singing are healthier in comparison to people who do not sing.  Here are some benefits of singing:


  • The lungs get a workout
  • Improves posture
  • Tones intercostals and abdominal muscles stimulate circulation.
  • Clears respiratory systems and sinuses.
  • Great relief from stress


Breathing is done better and deeply than other exercise forms. Thus you take more oxygen inside and experience muscle tension release, thereby the aerobic capacity is improved.



Valuable tips of singing


  • Sing the a- sound for 2-3 minutes as ahh and it forces oxygen receiving into the blood and this signals your brain to liberate mood lifting endorphins.
  • Sing the e-sound long, your pineal gland is stimulated and it controls the body’s clock to ensure you stay alert. The e-sound also helps thyroid gland that secretes hormones to control digestion speed and other processes of the body.
  • Sing the o-sound long and this regulates blood sugar and stimulates pancreas.

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