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Dress shirts are not only about visible attribute. An excellent dress shirt could help its wearer in projecting an image of success. Fit and quality do matter for achieving a great look.

And these two aspects are only attainable by quality fabric and proper positioning of significant features. Let us get closer to these aspects of a shirt. Buttons: They are the most peculiar feature of a Shirt. Running from collar to the end of the length of shirt it makes a dress shirt a dress shirt. It opens in the front side of middle of shirt. Matching buttons with fabric add distinctive characteristic and make a shirt more appealing. Tailor made shirts have atleast seven buttons and some readymade shirts have eight buttons but use of seven buttons has been standardized. Some shirts even have buttons on cuffs and collars which in not essential.
Collars: Collars became part of shirts in twentieth century otherwise a shirt was worn without it. Shirt with a collar was considered fashionable in twentieth century which is now a key feature without which a shirt will not be considered completed. Some of the shirts have wide spread edges and some have narrow. There is another style of collars which cover the full neck area,Guest Posting even tie knot area too and are projected as highly formal collars. Some collars are button down means buttoned to shirts at shoulder.
Cuffs: the other feature of shirt is cuffs. These are the extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of sleeve and cover the wrists. They are basically divided so, are fastened together. Generally there are three types of cuffs. Button cuffs or barrel cuffs have button holes one side is fastened at other side. Link cuffs have buttons on both sides and are closed with cufflinks or silk knots. Convertible cuffs can be fastened with buttons or cufflinks.
Placket: it is the double layer strip of fabric which runs down in the middle of shirt where shirt is buttoned. Doubling of fabric is done to provide support and strength so that shirt can bear the stress of buttons or any other fastener. It is stitched so finely that often got unnoticeable or we can say they are stitched in a manner to minimize the variation although some variations do exist.
Pleats: it is not an important part of a shirt but still most of the shirts have them. It is the part where fabrics are folded back over itself. They are found just above the cuff, on the back side of fabric and seen less in formal wears.
Pockets: single pocket in left side of chest is common however some people wish to have pockets in their shirt and some not. It is personal choice of everyone but formal dress shirt often don’t have pockets. From time to time they come with button or cover flap or both.

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