Pole Sporting For A Good Cause!

Dec 13


Jack O. Burton

Jack O. Burton

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Pole fitness enthusiasts have again defied public perception through the gathering of charity funds for homeless shelters and other organizations.


Pole fitness enthusiasts have again defied public perception through the gathering of charity funds for homeless shelters and other organizations. But in recent years as Pole Sport studios have popped up all over Europe and the US,Pole Sporting For A Good Cause! Articles it’s hard now to ignore the potential impact the sport could have. In Dayton Ohio, one enthusiast has helped to propel the sport forward in her community through spreading awareness of the benefits of vertical dance! Geneva Duncan isn’t confused about how many consider the activity “Low Brow”, but now in her community she says there are around 700 students involved with her studio and the perception hasn’t gotten any better. On a constant mission to educate the public against adopting what she refers to as “Cave-Man” mentality, she wants to stress the benefits against a traditional gym routine.

Boosting confidence, while lengthening, toning and strengthening muscle, pole fitness is the only sport guaranteed to build muscle as well as a type of confidence that can’t be replicated with any other fitness routine. The students aren’t your typical crowd that you would expect either as there are mothers, nurses, army vets, teachers and doctors to name a few. All aged around 30 years old, the “shorts and shirt” atmosphere is beginning to draw a number of everyday exercise enthusiasts into trying this edgy new form of getting fit! But the studios try to give back to the community to eliminate that “low Brow” perception I talked about earlier, and some organizations still lift their nose at the idea of funds coming from such a sport.

Like Sian Young, owner of “Soul Pole” fitness studio, who managed to raise over 1,000 dollars to help a local charity fund which helps homeless women who have been abused or have runaway. Sian came up with the idea that if they developed a pole fitness calendar fully clothed, all the risqué perception would be out the window. Unfortunately that was just not true, as “The Cyrenians” organization claimed they appreciated the offer, “Soul Pole” did not fall in line with their ethical views and the fact that they help women who have been harmed or abused in a number of situations. Apparently the owner had not even viewed the calendar. Sadly this perception still precedes the sport as it claws its way to be considered by the Olympic Committee to be an officially sanctioned Olympic event, and it’s going to be brave studio owners like Sian Young and Geneva Duncan, who herself has held a number of Pole Dancing marathons to raise money for charities the students themselves choose. It will be these business women and instructors who continue to pacify the sport from its cloudy roots that will have to continually provide women with a comfortable atmosphere to experience the positive mental, emotional and physical benefits of pole fitness, while constantly striving to correct their image continually through charities and awareness campaigns.

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