Souther Pole Sport 2012 Champ makes History!

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It’s November, and if you don’t know what that means for pole sports, think of it like the playoffs of competitive vertical dance. 

One of the largest being the Pole Sport Organization,Guest Posting with 4 chapters representing all four corners of the U.S., it is easily one of the biggest competitions for vertical dance in America. Earlier in November, the Southern U.S. chapter has held their regional championships in Houston, TX, and their champion isn’t exactly what you would expect. The first place in the Pro Women’s Singles went to a Temecula Business woman by the name of Greta Pontarelli. This business woman/pole dance champion isn’t the part that catches everybody’s attention, it’s actually the fact that she’s 61 years old. That does in fact make her the oldest pole dance competitor in the United States!

Houston is the first stop on the regional tour of championships for the Pole Sport Organization, with the Atlantic, Central and Pacific championships to be held in early 2013. So this 61 year old Pole Dance champ will be competing in the PSO finals still TBA. A mother of two and ex karate competitor first took a vertical dance class 2 years ago when she was 59. Claiming it was to help her get in great shape while building muscle and bone mass to stave off Osteoporosis. Before Greta won the southern championships, she entered into the popular athletic competition and Television show “Ninja Warrior” to which she made it to the semi-finals. Then in summer 2012 she won 2nd place in the Pacific masters artistic competition, and subsequently won 2nd place in the Central Masters Competition. These two big wins helped propel her to her first place title this year in the Southern Competition. Quite a list of accomplishments to talk about at 61 years old, while also winning a floor exercise championship in the 80’s, it seems Greta’s got a while yet before she stops!

Helping to spread the message of competitive and fitness based pole sports, Greta says of the dance form “Pole fitness can be very empowering for women as they will gain physical and mental strength," said Pontarelli. "I hope to inspire baby boomers and others to exercise, eat wholesome foods and continually try to become the best they can become. My message is to never give up…keep challenging yourself. There is no better time to live the life that you would love to live than now."

Apparently that attitude is increasing, as the organization has experienced a massive up-swell in contestants and size within the last 5 years, signs of the times to come maybe? Most surely hope so, so as Vertical Dance is redeemed and redefined across the country and the world, we can only see it moving forward in the coming years.  With more tolerance and respect for the Sport and the level of dedication displayed by the competing athletes, the US is slowly coming around. Watch out Olympics, The Pole Sports are coming!

 So come and see what Las Vegas’ number 1 vertical Pole Dance Class “Stripper 101” is all about, and introduce yourself to one of the biggest exercise fads sweeping the nation since that “pilate” thing, in a comfortable and relaxed environment you won’t find anywhere else!

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