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You need to go through many hardships and completely devote yourself to singing in order to become a successful classical singer in Kolkata, as the road is not easy. However, getting the correct guidance is very necessary.

The Indian classical music has been referred to as the Gharana,Guest Posting which essentially means a school of thought, or a school of music following a specific pattern or style of singing. In fact, most of the legendary classical singers that India has ever produced belonged to one such school where they underwent rigorous training and practice for years to master the art. On the literary basis, it is the tradition of the family, which continued one generation after the other. However, it is difficult to give the details regarding its origin. While learning the music there, you need to follow strictly the disciplines and must obey the teacher in every respect. The teacher is referred to as Guruji and one needs complete devotion towards him.

As the classical singer in Kolkata begins his journey, he has to learn first the art of vocal exercises because vocal cords play essential role in Indian classical music. People did comment that with the advent of pop and the film songs, classical songs or Rabindra Sangeet has lost its ground, but that is not true. India has displayed its mettle and surely, a lot more foreigners are getting attracted towards Indian classical music and dance. The classical music in India can be readily categorized into two different divisions namely the Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet commonly practiced in North India and the Carnatic music practiced in South India. Both have their own vitality and intensity as far as performance is concerned. However, the Hindustani classical music singer opines that Carnatic music is tougher than the former because the words are in pure Sanskrit.

Whether you want to become famous rabindra sangeet singer in Kolkata or another artist should always opt for the right teacher. However, this question must be pondering in your how about how to find the right music teacher. It can be a challenging task. It is better to choose professionals of that genre who can guide you in the best possible manner. When you go about searching, you would come across several teachers but not everyone has the dearth of seriousness and required experience. It is unfortunate that some of the music teachers do not go into depth of teaching and confines to the rot where basic understanding of the concept is lacking.  The same can be said about the folk singer in Kolkata and do not be under the impression that folk music does not require practice or training.

Make your concept very clear regarding the fundamentals of the Indian classical music that is based on Taal, the rhythm. The teachers should strictly note that this should not be ignored at any cost during the training period. When you perform or recite, you will have that bewildered feeling especially during the initial days. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to clear all the doubts or else the students cannot get the correct rhythm and adjust the notes. The road to becoming a successful classical singer in Kolkata is not that simple, as it appears to be.

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