Becoming A Psychiatrist In Kolkata

Feb 14




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The article explains you some of the important aspects on how to become a successful psychiatrist in Kolkata and what are the major differences between a psychologist and psychiatrist. You need to consult one if you are facing any mental distress.


Psychiatrists are the medical professionals who not only diagnose and try to understand the specific mental problem of a person,Becoming A Psychiatrist In Kolkata Articles but they also treat emotional and mental disorders. As such they are licensed medical practitioners who can prescribe medicines  apart from doing counselling of the patients. They treat a number of patients with different problems such as stress, anxiety or mental distress. However, as an individual it is important to know the major differences between a psychiatrist and psychologist so that you have a clear idea whom to consult when needed. When the mental disorder is in a serious condition, which requires medication and certain therapies for treatment, the psychiatrist is the right person. On the other hand, when negative thoughts are filled in your mind and you have lost in stress, then counselling will be better option for which physiologist is the appropriate choice.

The major difference between a psychiatrist in Kolkata and a psychologist is regarding their education. The psychiatry is strictly linked with medical treatment whereas psychology is related to science. This is the reason why the psychologists are not entitled to prescribe medicines for the patients and they can only do some counselling. Patience is the key for both the professionals. They need to listen to the problems very carefully when diagnosing the problem so that the treatment can proceed in the right way. Becoming a psychotherapist in Kolkata is not simple process at all and you really need to work hard to become one such professional. You need to learn to understand the human psychology of different age groups. In order to become a psychiatrist you will have to spend about ten to twelve years depending on the specialization.

You need have degree in courses such as biology, chemistry, math, physics and other fields. The mental disorder treatment in Kolkata are of various types. This can range from mild to moderate and also very severe which might require hospitalization. The person may go into a sudden state of shock after hearing any unexpected news from where he fails to recover. At times people do not weep or cry on hearing the sudden demise of their beloved ones and they are mentally traumatized. Some children have to suffer from child autism where they tend to show abnormal behaviour and their growth or development is not like normal kids. The doctors would advice to send them to special schools where they learn about different activities. On the other hand, general psychiatric treatment deals with dealing with certainly behavioural pattern.

However, in some cases it becomes very difficult for the family members to explain to the individuals that they need to consult a psychiatrist. You should never delay in such issues. When visiting the psychiatrist you need to discuss all the aspects of your problem and talk in details. The psychiatrist in Kolkata should give enough time to listen to your concerns and be polite in his nature. Such patients need to be treated with great care and concern.