Satellite TV Review - Compare DIRECTV and DISH Network

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Want to know which satellite TV provider has the most channels, the best prices, and the best service? Look no further. This satellite TV review compares DIRECTV and DISH Network so you'll know which service is right for you.

Satellite TV Review

The following is a satellite TV review that compares the two major satellite TV providers - DISH Network and DIRECTV - so you can decide which provider is right for you.

Who has the most channels?

Currently,Guest Posting DISH Network has 350 channels of satellite TV programming, while DIRECTV has 250 channels.

What kind of programming do DISH Network and DIRECTV provide?

DISH Network and DIRECTV'S programming services include movie channels, sports packages, variety channels, commercial-free music channels, international channels, pay-per-view movies and special events, plus news and weather channels.

DISH Network has the biggest variety of movies, music, international programs, HD programming, and pay-per-view movies and events. DIRECTV carries the most sports packages.

Who has the best programming price?

DISH Network's lowest-priced program package, the DishFamily Pak, is $19.99 per month, while DIRECTV's lowest-priced package is $41.99 per month. DISH Network's top-of-the-line package, which has 350 channels, is $74.99. DIRECTV's top-of-the-line package with 250 channels is $96.99 per month.

Are DIRECTV and DISH Network's equipment really free?

Both DIRECTV and DISH Network will give you the equipment you need – a dish and up to four receivers – plus free installation when you order one of their programming packages. However, DIRECTV charges $19.99 to ship their equipment.

Are DVR's (digital video recorders) extra?

DISH Network will give you a free DVR when you order their service, and DIRECTV will give you a free DVR with their service after a $99 mail-in rebate. DVR's allow you to digitally record, pause, and fast forward live satellite TV shows.

How much does an HD (high definition) receiver cost?

HD receivers are free with DISH Network, and free with DIRECTV after a $99 mail-in rebate. In order to receive HD programming you must have an HDTV.

Can I get my local channels?

Yes. DIRECTV charges $5.00 per month for local channels, and DIRECTV charges $3.00 per month for local channels.

What international channels are available?

DISH Network offers 21 international channels including African, Arabic, Armenian, Caribbean, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Urdu.

DIRECTV has 11 international channels including Caribbean, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Italian, South Asian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Do Dish Network and DIRECTV offer music channels?

DISH Network offers commercial-free 52 music channels and 60 Sirius satellite radio channels. DIRECTV has 67 XM satellite radio channels.

What about customer Service?

Both DIRECTV and DISH Network include 24/7 online and toll-free telephone customer service.

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