Shiva- The Powerful Hindu God

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Shiva is a powerful Hindu deity that is both loved and feared. Find out fascinating information about Shiva, the God of Destruction. 

Many believe that Shiva sprung out of Brahma's head as Rudra before he separated into a female and male form to show mercy. He is one third of the famous Hindu Trinity along with "The Creator" Brahma and "The Preserver" Vishnu. Shiva is the god of change and destruction according to the Hindus religion,Guest Posting and a popular deity. He has the power to bring forth great destruction at the same time; he could also be forgiving and kind.

Shiva's actual meaning is "auspicious one" and regarded by some traditions as the most supreme god. In fact, there are many believers of this supreme god! The God of Destruction also has two wives, Parvarti and Shakti. Out of his two wives, he was able to fathered two Hindu gods, Kartikeya and Ganesha and lives above Mount Kailasa found in the Himalayas. The deity Shiva represents goodness, truth and beauty.

Did you know that Shiva usually depicted with many "faces"? This is one characteristic of any normal human being, too. This shows that he has other personalities that can be pleasant or not. Now that you have learned who is the deity feared and well loved by many, let us described a typical portrayal of Shiva wallpapers presently available online these days.

To even show how powerful and destructive he could be, a wallpaper portrayed him also sitting on a tiger's skin, showing that he has conquered lust. Lord Shiva portrayed to wear a deer on his upper left hand and a trident on the right. He also adorns himself with five serpents and skulls known to wipeout ashes throughout his body popularizing the concept of cremation among some distinct traditions. He has a crescent moon upon his forehead and sometimes, shown to have a third eye as well.

From key chains to portraits and mats, you could also take your pick on any Shiva wallpaper that you find interesting! If you want to have a very promising outlook in life, having this providential figure with you will certainly attract positive outcomes!

The best part of this is that you do not have to go to the "deepest" part of the universe just to get these items as a gift or even for your personal use. You could avail of Shiva wallpaper just by doing an online search on the internet! There is a lot of colorful Shiva wallpaper that you could get on the web and you can get them at great prices which saves you a lot compared to flying straight to India just to get them. Not only will you have loads of choices, you will also get the chance to purchase them at very reasonable prices!

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