Using Art to Tell a Story

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Stories and art go hand in hand. They are two halves to a whole. No matter what piece of art you’re looking at you can be sure that there is a unique and intricate story behind it. 

A story is your tale.

Eternal things,Guest Posting arts and crafts that mean something, have one thing in common: they all share a story. Let's take a moment and reflect on eternal crafts and arts: the Mona Lisa, the 14th Louis kings armchair and the cabinet that has passed for generations at your family. What do they all have in common? They tell a unique story.

A story is the meaning you give to your creation. A meaning can be attached to the piece in various ways and time frames: you can find story in your working process on the piece, after the piece is finished or just before getting to work on the piece.

Stories are everywhere and you just have to be open to see them and pick the story you connect with. A story can be funny, dramatic, an anecdote or the story is whatever you chose it to be.

Once the piece holds a story, a meaning, you feel more connected to the piece and it reflects eventually in the results of the finished product and attitude towards that finished product. A story is a great practical tool to create engagement between you and your craft.

Whether you're working on a painting, a piece of wood, glass art or clay, once you "dress" your piece of work with a story, you make it mean something. A story could be the history of the piece itself or your own choices as an active craft maker when building that piece. Once the piece holds a story, it is immediately upgraded to a meaningful piece that is more than the colors, patterns or techniques you apply to create it.

A story can be the color choices you use on arts and crafts, the timing of your craft making, the store you bought your materials and so on. A story is forever authentic because it reflects your meaning you give the piece, your anecdote. This is a story. Our ability to talk of life's stories is our ability to live life. Life is all about stories.

Pay attention to funny little stories, anecdotes that you stumble upon during your work process. Use that at your craft making. Make each and every action in your creation process mean something to you. These all have the potential to create a great story, and a great story of your craft, generates a life lasting craft. Good luck!

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