Stuffed animal- Many benefits and abilities

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When humans began to detach from the mother during this transition period that occurs between the union and separation they tend to experience distressing processes that require time to develop and to this end, the stuffed animal plays an important role in this progress towards autonomy.

A stuffed animal can bring soothing to the heart. The constant fluctuation between union and separation,Guest Posting at different times of life and especially in childhood, a period in which we are most vulnerable, he says, somehow, the importance of the transitional stuffed animal acquires a unique significance and unique for each being human. Therefore, the object in question is chosen for each particular subject, and although there is considerable agreement on the type of objects selected ("statutes", stuffed animals, etc.). The list goes on and on! They vary in price, size, color and texture.

For each child, adolescent or adult it will have a particular sense. This has important consequences, since it is necessary to allow the child, especially the transitional object has no restrictions, for which we must not hide it, throw it or wash it, and you could lose the properties that are important for the small, from the to smell the dirt that could contain. One might ask why a child, adolescent, adults choose this or that stuffed animal to enjoy the space of illusion that announces the ability to symbolize.

The answer is unknown and seems to be related to the particular history of the subject that, in turn, is linked to the culture in which it is embedded, however, we do know is that this object will allow you to internalize little the outside world and develop gaps or absences inherent in the human condition.



As achievements are obtained at these points, either the approximation to reality by the child or the development of absences in favor of autonomy, the stuffed animal gradually loses that status to be treated as done with any other object.

According to what has already been raised, you can better understand the importance of respecting the child's relationship with the transitional object, you are indicating normal development by giving account of a mental apparatus capable of creating and recreating the world to objectify and able to create and recreate the separation of the primary attachment figure. Buy the best stuffed animal for your kid! Many considerations could detach from this issue, one of which could also be the importance of allowing the child to have his transitional object. Power take "mother" to that place through a transitional object that contains the texture, taste and smell which enable children to recreate their attachment figures, it is highly reassuring a possibility for the small subjected to a separation.

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