What can blanket weed controller do for me?

Oct 9


James Brack

James Brack

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This article shows the benefits a blanket weed controller can deliver. It is a low cost solution to a big problem and can provide you with years of clean, healthy pond water.


There are many benefits from having a blanket weed controller fitted in your garden pond. It can inhibit the growth of Spyrogyra,What can blanket weed controller do for me? Articles cleanse the water, and help keep your pond healthy. Blanket weed can be a massive problem if not treated early and can literally choke the pump and filter of air, and make the pond water look extremely dirty and unpleasant.

So what is a blanket weed controller?
A blanket weed controller does exactly what it says on the tin. It controls the growth of blanket weed within your pond, and can be easily installed by even the most novice diyers. It is usually attached between the pump and the filter, but can be fitted anywhere around the circulating loop.

The Benefits

  • A blanket weed controller is one of the lowest cost solutions to the problem.
  • The cleansing effect of the controller is targeted and does not adversely affect plants or fish.
  • It solves the problem of blanket weed (Spirogyra) being particularly unattractive.
  • Blanket weed can seriously choke your pond
  • Blanket weed inhibits plant growth
  • It is easy to fit and contains no moving parts
  • Blanket weed requires frequent removal if not treated correctly
  • No need for regular maintenance
  • It contains a self-monitoring system that indicates system faults
  • Has a positive effect on the chemical composition of the water
  • Avoids having to replace pipes and filters prematurely due to blockages

How soon will I notice the benefits

As soon as it is installed the unit will begin to cleanse the water and inhibit the growth of the blanket weed. You will also begin to notice the positive effect on the pipes and filters, as it keeps these free of the weed as well. It can take longer to notice the benefits if the pond has been untreated for a long while, but the sooner you install your blanket weed controller, the sooner the benefits will be noticed. It will immediately start to cleanse the water and recalibrate the chemical composition and nutrients of the water.

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