Tips On How To Find a Good Singer For a Music Project or Guest Appearance

Sep 13


erica Williams

erica Williams

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Learn how to find and hire a singer for a music project or internet/televised performance, including how to go about finding new talent and where to look.

Hiring a Solo Pop Singer For TV. Appearance

Trying to hire a good singer can be a daunting task. There are many reasons why someone would want to use a professional woman vocalist; maybe you are a casting director and need to hire a female singer for a t.v.series,Tips On How To Find a Good Singer For a Music Project or Guest Appearance Articles television show, tv appearances, drama shows, festival or to lend her vocals in the studio for a demo. Here are four mthods to finding the perfect vocalist:

  Online Music Directory To Hire Solo Female Pop R&B Singer for Drama T.V. Series

Internet directories are often used by fellow musicians who are looking to get into the music industry. Most of the time, these talented people are independent, and not associated with a record label. In most cases, they are hoping to go commercial or mainstream with their music and turn to these sites for assistance. Some of these websites require a monthly or annual membership fee in exchange for updated contact info of A&R execs, casting directories, talent agents, record label owners, etc. A directory will make it easy for you to hire a female singer to appear on a television drama series.

  Talent Agencies

This is not the most cost effective method. Fees can be very high, because the agency split whatever you give them with the talent. Despite this fact, there are a lot of pros and cons to using an agency to find a woman vocalists to hire. The agent will act as a third party, which means the solo woman R&B/pop singer will be screened. The agency will vouch for the singer and most of the time, the talented singer will be trained and serious about their craft. If you decide to used a talent agent, make sure they are SAG affiliated.

  Youtube Demo Reels

Demo reels are a very well-known methods to getting your name out there as an entertainer. Youtube is the most visited video-sharing site in the world (with millions of hits per month for each video uploaded!). Use the search engine on Youtube and type, "female vocalist reel" and a host of options should pop up. Side note: Music streaming sites are also effective and free to find new talent.

  Know What The Going Rate For a Talented Solo R&B Female Vocalist

There is a huge TV guest actor squeeze since studios are losing the budget they once had to hire talent to appear on their shows. With that being said, todays going rate to hire a female solo pop R&B singer for a T.V.series or film is around $1000. This is actually a day rate and the rate can be negotiated if the casting director and/or producer want them to do more than once episode. Some producers are squeezing three episodes in one day in order to cut costs. This will be up to the female singer/vocalist to agree to do this. This is important to keep in mind.