Top Idea for Staying Competitive in the Restaurant Industry

Apr 22


Adelae Jones

Adelae Jones

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My own restaurant opened in May, 1st, 2014. I want to make a standard menu to keep staying competitive in restaurant industry. Finally I found a nice app named Publisher Plus and I have a wonderful experience on it!


Nearly half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point during their lives,Top Idea for Staying Competitive in the Restaurant Industry Articles and 46 percent of restaurant employees say they would like to own a restaurant someday. Clearly many people dream of owning a restaurant. I must admit that I was one of them. I ever dreamt of opening a restaurant and now the dream is coming true.

My own restaurant finally opened in May, 1st, 2014 after a long period of preparation. In the preparation process, I’ve realized a hard reality that a quarter of restaurants fail within their first year of operation. Even though the restaurant industry is notoriously risky, I’ll still try my best to learn how to better prepare for success as a restaurant owner and how to keep staying competitive in this industry.

 Inspired by the sayings – the first bite is with the eye, I’ve learnt that a menu says a lot about a restaurant. In short, a menu design is a reflection of restaurant itself. It would help me create an initial impression before the customer has even seen any food or drink on offer. So I got this top idea quickly and decided to customize a menu by myself. But I was no idea on how to make an attractive menu and I did not even know which design software would be the best. Then I googled how to make a standard menu and then got so many tips for menu making.

Seeing that I had no experience in customizing a menu, I tried to design it with an online menu maker, which at last made me feel tired of the hassles of registration and payment. Then I decided to search an easy and quick app on APP Store, where I can compare the prices, features, reviews, GUI and screenshots of each app and finally I found a nice and powerful menu creator named Publisher Plus. To timely meet all my personal needs, I installed it without hesitation.

 It was no hard to get started with its straightforward interface and various professionally designed menu templates. I can replace the pre-set pictures in the template with my own photos from iPhoto and then resize, rotate and crop them at will. Some highlighted features like Text, Shape, Calendar and Background are apparently placed on the top so that I can easily add any object to my menu. Adding related clipart, frames, masks, etc is also available for me.

Under the assistance of Publisher Plus, I finished my first menu work quickly. When I was satisfied with all design settings, I print it out directly. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of sharing my menu through Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. So I shared it online straight away and the good news was that I got so many likes. At that time, I had a strong sense of achievement that I’ve never experienced before.

I will no longer have to worry about how to make a professional and eye-catching menu for successfully running a restaurant with this excellent app. It is a fully-featured and user-friendly menu maker for anyone who needs to create marketing materials. Even if you’re a novice, you can make an amazing menu and win others’ praise just like me. You can free download it here:

It’s worth a try. Wish you have a wonderful experience on it!