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Trophies are tangible pieces of evidence that a triumph has occurred. The most classic type is the silver or gold cup-shaped award that has the winner’s name and event engraved into the base portion. These symbols of successful accomplishments often become treasured keepsakes displayed on mantles, desks, in glass cases and even passed on to heirs. Depending on the occasion, there are types that are more appropriate for the victory than others. Here are some occasions or events that might merit a trophy:

- Sporting event: The classic gold cup with a replica of an athlete or piece of athletic equipment such as a baseball bat and ball can be appropriate for an award. Sculptures of something pertaining to the sport would also be a nice touch. Examples might be a sculpture of a baseball mitt or glove. Crystal rectangles that have the event and names lasered on are more modern versions of victory memorabilia.

- Contest: Winning any sort of contest such as a spelling bee,Guest Posting chess tournament or art contest could merit a trophy. Again, the symbol could be created in the shape reflecting the event, such as a chess piece, paint brush or what have you. These awards could be made from metal, crystal or plastic.

- Employment recognition: If an employee has been with a company for a monumental timeframe, such as ten or twenty years, he or she might receive some sort of symbolic acknowledgement at a company luncheon, dinner or event. This could be a memento to be positioned on the worker’s desktop or cabinet in their office.

- Military awards: Individuals who have served honorably in the military may have been given an award to recognize their accomplishments. These recognition artifacts could be given out in duties related to war or peace.

- Firefighters or police officers: Firefighters or police officers are often given rewards for saving lives as well as for protecting the public. These may be statues of tools such as a fire truck or a person dressed in uniform.

- Entertainment trophies: Awards for acting, directing, music, playwriting and more are given out at ceremonies. The Oscar are Tony are just two examples of trophies that these entertainers may have displayed on their shelves at home.

- Beauty pageants: From beautiful tots to Miss America, these lovely individuals are not only gorgeous; they have trophies to prove it sitting on their dressers, mantles or bookshelves.

- Alternate awards: In addition to trophies, victories can be made tangible in a variety of other formats such as ribbons, plaques, crystal goblets that have been engraved, medals, pins, and rings. Sometimes a successful man or woman may marry a younger and extremely attractive spouse that becomes known as a “trophy” wife or husband because the beautiful person is a reward for their business and life successes.

Trophies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. Some are more appropriate for certain occasions than others. Whether the token is given for a sporting event, contest, job well done, military honorary, firefighting or protecting public interests, entertainers, or beauty contest – it is an excellent way to create a tangible memento of a victory.

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