Types Of Wedding Themes

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An brief overview of diffrent types of wedding themes for making your wedding ceremony best and unique.

 It’s your wedding and you want it to be special and unique... Today,Guest Posting weddings are well planned by professional planners and also a theme is decided for the wedding. The wedding theme reflects your taste and choice. Some themes are as follows:

Season based themes

You can plan a theme for your wedding as per the season or the month of your wedding. Here are some season-based themes:

 Spring themes

 Spring season is very colorful and full of freshness. The weather is very pleasant. Mostly all kinds of flowers are available in this season and various colorful birds are a pleasant sight. A spring wedding theme will be very colorful just like the weather outside. Flowers like tulips and lilies are preferred. Even a cherry blossom theme can be used, which is available in a wide varieties ranging from white to pale pink to dark pink.

    • Spring theme Decorations:

Let us take the example a tulip wedding. Here you can make everything very colorful. Tulips are available in various colors like magenta, pink, orange, yellow, etc. Choose some colors of your choice and accordingly choose the table cloth, flower vases, dress code and also your wedding cake design and color. Also your invitation card should be in sync with the tulips you choose.

 Summer themes

Summer weddings need to be planned well. If you have an outdoor venue, take care that if the temperature rises than expected, it should not hamper your celebration. Following are some different themes you can choose for a summer wedding:

o       Flower Themes

During summer, flower decorations and garden themes are pretty common because almost all flowers are available in summer. Roses are mostly preferred by the brides.

o       Beach themes

If the temperature does not rise too high you can have a beach wedding at a beach location with a beach theme.

o       Butterfly Theme

Butterflies lead to a joyful imaginative world. So butterfly themes have been very popular. Your wedding gowns can have beautiful butterflies pinned on it. You can have a butterfly on your accessories and your head gear. The invitations can again be colorful with small butterflies on it which will explain your theme. Plenty of flowers can be used.

  • Winter Themes

Here you can use white and blue colors. You can also use sparkling silver, ice sculptures, mock snowfall to get that effect. Here the venue again should be decided carefully keeping in mind the chilled atmosphere. Your wedding cake can be unique like in the shape of a wood log, icing in the form of snowfall, snowman, and so on.

 Fairytale Themes

Always obsessed with the fairy tales and the weddings in such tales? Why not plan the same for you? Pick up your favorite fairytale; get a replica of the fairies’ gown, crown and jewels. The groom can also dress up like the hero of the fairy tale; you can have a similar decoration. If you choose Cinderella do not miss out on the glass sandals.

 Fun themes

Plan your wedding to be most memorable and most unique. How about replicating you favorite actor or actress, your favorite cartoon character? Confused?

These are some latest fun themes:

  • Mickey Mini wedding
  • Donald Daisy wedding
  • Aladdin and Jasmine

But here you should keep in mind that even the bride and groom will dress up in the main cartoon characters costume.  There should be many toys around; the cake should also be in the shape of some cartoon character.

Another fun theme is Hollywood theme. Always dreamt of wearing the same gown that Angelina Jolie wore in one of the wedding scenes? Why not realize this dream in your wedding. Make your wedding a star studded wedding. Replicate your favorites; you can even arrange for a red carpet.

  Live up the Romance- theme

Scented candles, candlelight, waterfalls; amazing, isn’t it? Why not add this romantic feeling to your wedding. All the more effective if your wedding or reception is in the evening. Flowers, sparkling jewelry, stone studded accessories, shimmering table cloths, soft romantic music. This will definitely be the most romantic evening of your life.

 Epoch theme

Epoch or Vintage wedding themes revive the past era. Use vintage cars, horse carts, traditional attire and make up. Classic music and dishes, vintage wine, all will form a perfect epoch theme.

 Cultural Wedding themes

These themes are adopted from various cultures around the world. For example if you like the culture of India and the Indian palaces in Jaipur and Udaipur for your wedding destination. You can choose this as your theme and check the availability of various palaces in that state. Even an art director can help you replicate this theme by erecting a replica of your favorite palace in your city or country, so you won’t need to travel a lot. You need to just find the right person to work for you.

 So go ahead make your wedding the most memorable wedding for your town.

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