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In the sleepless world of the Vegas club scene, one Ikon stands above the rest.

Known to his close friends as Aaron White,Guest Posting music master DJ Ikon has become one of the hottest DJ's in Las Vegas. He has be recognized by industry leaders as one of the best music mixers in the business, receiving some of the top awards among his peers. He takes the high energy dance music from around the world and turns it into some of the most entrancing music in the clubs today. He credits past wizards of the decks like DJ Rob, DJ Frankie and the legendary DJ Hollwood for lending their styles to his unique sounds.  It is no question that Ikon is doing all the right things and continues to rock to the masses no matter where he goes.

Before he became 2x Bar and Nightclub DJ of the year, Ikon was working at Best Buy. Aaron White had not yet come up with a performance name and was looking for a ideas. One day as he was helping a customer, he talked her into buying several hundred dollars of things that she did not really need. After the sale, he felt as if he had conned the lady a little bit, thus coming up with the stage name, DJ Ikon. If you ask him, he will tell you that it is not the most moral of stories, but the name stuck and he began a music career that quickly became more than he could ever imagine.

Known for his technical skill and uncanny ability to remix almost anything, DJ Ikon is one of the most well known traveling DJ's in the world. He has created some of the best remixes for today's hottest artists. His performing resume includes over 20 countries. He was formerly the resident DJ at local Vegas hotspots such as Pure, Tangerine and Empire Afterhours.  He currently has multiple residencies at three of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas and holds down regular performances in New York City.

His long list of awards are some of the biggest in the business. He has been awarded the Remix Club DJ of The Year, he was ranked on the Top 30 Under 30 and is the (aforementioned) 2x Bar and Nightclub DJ of the Year. The awards are one thing, the client list is another. Opening clubs with Fergie and Kanye West, Partying with the Kardashians and remixing music for Wyclef, and Britney Spears.

DJ Ikon has taken the local DJ scene by storm and looks to keep things going well into 2013.


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