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Be the first to witness the world's major events when you watch live news and the latest updates on TV9 through YuppTV.

It is not only crucial but also essential to check out the report daily. Not only does TV news help you see critical happenings,Guest Posting but it also connects you to the world outside. Right to information is a fundamental need and is indispensable to viewing the world in a broad range. By getting access to this information, one can be educated, engaged and empowered. News also builds critical and logical thinking in oneself and helps people grow on the right path. Enjoy watching TV9 news in your language, bringing up-to-the-minute information throughout the day. Subscribe to YuppTV to check out TV9 and stay informed on all the latest news from around the world.  

TV9 Telugu - TV9 Telugu is a 24/7 news channel based out of Hyderabad and has network channels in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi. It brings comprehensive news coverage and exciting stories from India and around the world. TV9 is credited for its innovative programming and investigative journalism. The channel has unfolded massive scams and many scandals to emerge as a credible and most-watched network over the past few years. Founded in 2004, TV9 has evolved exponentially and is regarded as a respected news network. Known for its fearless reporting, TV9 never shy away from breaking compelling stories. The channel is built on a solid value system that has truth, honesty, impartiality and reliability at the core of the heart. The modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology bring best of the news content. From live reports, detailed analysis, and interviews to current affairs, the channel offers all. Right from its inception, the channel has been the most trusted and most reliable and credited for being the most watched in Telugu news space. Big News Big Debate, iSmart News and Tik Talk are some popular shows on the channel. Big News Big Debate is a prime-time show anchored by its managing director Rajinikanth covering important issues with valuable insights. iSmart is a political satire show with wit and humour.  

TV9 Bharatvarsh - This 24/7 Hindi news channel delivers political news, current affairs, entertainment, sports and many more. It endeavors to bring big and essential news and keeps viewers updated with the latest information. It carries news from all directions at lightning speed from across the globe. The channel succeeded in reaching out to every Indian and is growing every day. It resonates with the commoner, gets their pulse right and wins their hearts. The channel focuses on providing reliable information and keeping the audience updated with the latest news. It is committed to giving solutions and educating on the issues and hopes for better tomorrow. 

TV9 Kannada - Resonating with its tagline, 'For a better society, TV9 Kannada has been striving to provide credible news to users. Since information is capable of influencing people and transforming society, the channel always aspires to offer trustworthy news. Home for accurate, balanced and fair news, the channel understands the importance of debunking false information and offers real news. It focuses on the issue and provides multiple perceptions without sensationalizing it. TV9 Kannada has a broad reach with a loyal audience and has become a household name for delivering honest communication without fear. It significantly impacts people and plays a vital role in mirroring the world.  


TV9 Marathi - In a short period, TV9 Marathi emerged as a leading 24/7 Marathi channel and a respected news source among the audience. Besides offering bold news, it aims at informing and properly educating users. This helps the users to make responsible decisions with immense confidence. It presents continuous news on politics, business, technology, health, entertainment, sports and much more. Aakhada, 100 Savdhan Maharashtra, Super Prime Time, Encounter Bumper and TV9 Sakhol are just a few prominent shows from a wide range of programs on the channel. Aakhada is a debate show with experts and panellists from different walks of life who will indulge in a deep discussion on pressing issues. Super Prime Time is an hour show that covers regional, national and international news every day. Encounter is an interview with different celebs from different fields.  

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