5 Activities for Families to Form a Tight Bond

Feb 24


Jacob Lips

Jacob Lips

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It is important for families to bond. Each member of the family is different so it is difficult to find the right activity that everyone will enjoy. M...


It is important for families to bond. Each member of the family is different so it is difficult to find the right activity that everyone will enjoy. Most families have a mother and father with children of different genders. The males might want something sporty while the females want something girly. In some cases,5 Activities for Families to Form a Tight Bond Articles the activities the family members prefer are not as gender-cliché. There is also the fact that family compositions have become more diverse in the last decade. Families can now be composed of two dads and the children, or two moms and the children. In some cases, there is only one parent. 

It doesn’t matter what the family composition is. The most important thing is that there is a bond among the members. Family ties, according to experts, can make you healthy. And family ties start when the children are still young. For parents, keep regular bonding time with children so that they will grow with great memories of family time. As such, even when they make their own way into the world, they will always keep in touch.


Here are five family activities that every member can enjoy despite age and gender:

       1. Group games/board games

Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, charades, Pie Face, and others are fun for any age. When the children are older and are out of the house, they will always remember the rambunctious laughter shared during game nights. Not only that, the tradition can be kept alive even when the kids are older because most of these games don’t have age limits. When the game calls for the creation of teams, there is a different kind of shared bond among family members that belong in the same team.


  1. Movie night

It may take some time before the family could actually decide what movie to watch since each member is sure to have different tastes. What you can do is allow a family member to take turns choosing a movie on any given week. After the film is done, take the time to discuss the merits of the movie and its lessons. 


  1. Find a shared advocacy

This is an important way for parents to teach children about a cause worth fighting for. One important advocacy that affects the entire world is environmental protection. If we take care of the environment, future generations will be able to enjoy living in it. Families can go on environmental rallies since these are among the most peaceful protest activities. While you’re at it, you can wear a family T-shirt. 

At Manakin Dance, there are T-shirts for every family member. The T-shirts carry messages for different environmental causes: climate change, anti-animal trafficking, and animal habitat protection. In every product purchased from the company, 10% will go to the World Wildlife Fund. 


  1. Cooking/baking

What makes this really fun is that the family can create something together then eat it together. The most popular would be baking treats because there are so many steps in it that everyone can get involved. The family may also choose a favorite dish, which they can then cook together.


  1. Take a walk in the park

This is a great activity for the family because it costs nothing and it allows the entire family to be at one with nature. You can even play a game en route to the park, like saying something out loud every time you see a dog or a pizza place or a motorcycle. Then at the park, you can play ball or Frisbee, sit down for a picnic, or just read a book together.