How to Design a Wind Turbines and what are its Advantages

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Wind Turbines are a source of clean, renewable and zero pollution power generation. You may design a turbine by measuring wind power density, tower height required, control systems requirements etc. Several advantages include nil pollution, less maintenance; per unit power cost is very cheap. 

Wind Turbines are machines which rotate and convert kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. Wind Turbines produce clean and renewable energy resource which does not deplete like oil,Guest Posting gas and coal based power plants.
How to Design a Wind Turbine
1. Measure the Wind Energy available in your target area by measuring the Wind Power Density (WPD) which is the mean of annual power available per square meter of the swept area of the turbine.
2. Do Aerodynamic modeling to decide the tower height.
3. Decide the Control Systems to be used in the wind turbine.
4. Decide the number of blades based on your aerodynamic model.
5. Decide the type of blades to be used
6. Choose between Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines: Generally horizontal axis wind turbines are used in wind farms and windmills, the vertical axis ones which are less noisy are used for local or domestic purpose. Propeller Free personal wind turbines with vertical propulsion are bird friendly too.
Advantages of Wind Turbines
There are several advantages of Wind Mills like
1. Nil Pollution: This is clean and natural energy source so no air pollution as in oil, coal or gas based power generation plants.
2. Less Maintenance: Very less manpower or material is required to maintain the wind turbines.
3. Cheap Power Cost per Unit: Since the raw material of this energy source is free thus the resultant cost of energy produced is very cheap.
4. Unlimited Raw Material: Since Wind is free and is always available so one can be sure that the raw material of their wind turbine will not deplete like fossil fuel based power generation methods.
5. No Green House Gas Emissions: since the raw material to power a wind turbine is wind, there are nil green house gas emissions making it eco-friendly.
6. Can be installed anywhere: The wind turbines can be installed anywhere even on roof tops or local and domestic locations, making it the most easily accessible energy resource.
7. Plants are Economical: Installing a wind turbine is very economical if you are installing it for local or domestic purpose.
So if you want to cut down your power utility bill and contribute towards clean and healthier environment go ahead and install a wind turbine at your home. If you are an investor and decide to invest in farmed energy, you may get a regular source of income as the farmed energy is directly fed into the grid which is bought by power distribution companies.

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