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The editor of ‘Plain Truth’ (April 1983) Dr Herbert Armstrong has given details of weather changes in this century. Another writer Don Taylor writes in it that since industrialization has augmented  like weeds everywhere the temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere too is increasing. This increase  is the chief cause of nature’s ire and  undesirable weather changes.

This is a well known fact that the very existence and grandeur is dependent mainly on the mutual cooperative bond of other planets of the solar system. Since it is conjoined to a cycle not only is earth influenced by other planets but that its own state influences it. Today the state of planet earth noted was certainly not so a century back. Previously earth was covered by gigantic areas of lush greenery and foliage everywhere. Despite appearing ‘unpolished’ yet everywhere nature’s beauty radiated everywhere. But later the curse of industrialization snatching away its beauty and pollution free environment rendered it haywire. The toxicity of increasing pollution has not remained limited to earth only but that by piercing earth’s atmospheric layers has rushed into interstellar space too. The other planets of the solar family too are influenced in a subtle manner. Their movement and condition has been affected. Due to interplanetary bond the ecological cycle that had previously functioned in an optimal manner has now become tainted and haywire. The result of this imbalance is being witnessed and perceived as nature’s wrathful calamities in all corners of the globe.

The editor of ‘Plain Truth’ (April 1983) Dr Herbert Armstrong has given details of weather changes in this century. Another scholarly writer Don Taylor writes in it that since industrialization has augmented the world over like weeds the temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere too is increasing. This increase itself is the chief cause of nature’s ire and manifold undesirable weather changes experienced. Even weather scientists accept that in the solar cycle of earth changes taking place in the past decades were never seen before. Sunspots too are being noted these days in greater number. The direct relationship of increasing temperatures on earth is with manifestation of earthquakes and volcanoes. What is noteworthy is that in the past 10 years extraordinary increase in it has been reported.

Don Taylor says that after the year 1980 the number of changes taking place in the world’s weather conditions has previously never been seen in earth’s weather history. The year 1982 is most noteworthy for important changes noted. This scholarly writer by first researching into nature’s havoc noted in various regions of the world has placed forth the essence/gist of his findings as follows:

In Australia for the entire year nature’s wrath manifested as a humungous famine. This country is known to export 45% of its produced goods for a fair number of years but in this year of famine it had to seek aid from other nations and in large amounts had to import food items.

In the southern ocean region where dwells Spill Tonga Island a storm manifested with a speed of 172 km/hour in March. 90% of crop got destroyed and 15% of immovable property,Guest Posting houses, land etc got submerged in the womb of the ocean.

In the biggest regions of China called Hobai and Laoning the largest famine of the 20th century was reported. At that very time wrath of excess flooding seen in another region Shangjhing pushed thousands of people into the jaws of premature death. Millions were rendered homeless and trillions of dollars’ wealth got destroyed.

In Southern China in the end of the year a ferocious flooding witnessed in the Pili River broke all records pertaining to flooding in China. Thousands died and millions became homeless.

Indonesia’s 15,000,000 citizens had to endure the wrath of a famine situation there. Such a gigantic famine had never been noted there for the past 2 centuries.

France’s southern region is well known for its grape crops. 80% of total amount of grapes grown in the world are grown here. But due to the terrible ire of a famine the entire crop got withered whereas in North France in that very time frame highest snowfall of the entire year was noted.

In Italy an abnormal weather change was noted. In the winter season intense heat and since icy pebbles fell on crops at night they got destroyed totally. In Sicily’s capital Palermo and its nearby regions a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade was recorded which for that region is termed an improbable unusual incidence. Such a situation is only noted in earth’s Tropical Regions. In Japan’s Nagasaki River last year a historical flooding was witnessed. After heinous losses noted in Hiroshima due to bomb dropped on it for the 1st time so much more people died and wealth was lost.

A majority of areas of New Zealand had to become victims of famine. The country faced lack of rains and thus crops got destroyed. In Zimbabwe and South Africa this century’s most terrible famine appeared. Due to immense food water scarcity thousands died. Further such epidemics of new diseases spread all over.  

The north region of Soviet Russia that dwells near the North Pole from the comparative standpoint is colder yet this time it remained hotter. As against this in the southern part terrific cold was experienced. Due to rain and ice pebbles falling down crops in millions of hectares got destroyed. In so many rivers excess flooding was seen.

In nations of South East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia etc this year weather imbalance was noted in a special manner. Merely at distances of 10-20 miles famine at some places and excess rains in other parts were witnessed.

In USA in spring season due to ice pebbles falling down like rain life there went haywire. In all rivers of the northern region since excess flooding was noted crops were badly affected and innumerable buildings got razed down. In cities dwelling on sea shores like Florida, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas etc flood waters shattering the edges spread about everywhere. Due to the foul stench of rain water epidemics spread in these cities. Thousands thus lost their lives.

In this year itself on 30th May in West Germany it rained cats and dogs which resulted in heavy flooding. In majority of shops in Western Germany ducks were swimming on roadsides. Officials maintain that in the past 36 years such ferocious flooding had never been witnessed. The news of thousands dying and thousands flowing away in these waters were printed in leading newspapers as headlines. As per a news item published in Hindustan Times on 30th May this very year in London pause less for 35 days it rained heavily. After the year 1940 this was a record of sorts. As per information given by Central Weather Forecasting Office, this event in this very year could repeat itself. In this very year in an area of 6.5 km layers of snow measuring 8cm remained for many days. Travel, transport etc totally got obstructed. Due to government effort this ice was cut up and removed yet travel was well nigh impossible. After a few days when the weather became normal and rains stopped slowly the situation started becoming normal.

Know that India too certainly is not insulated from such weather changes. Since the past few years India’s weather is changing speedily. Natural calamities spew their ire in a big way. In 1979 in Kotha Village of Chameli Janpad region it rained cats and dogs on 16th August night. Next day landslides emerged. The entire village got buried in loads of its soil. Due to landslides in Himachal Pradesh 1300 people died and so many were injured badly. In Simla and surrounding areas till May snow kept falling. On people of Shisan Village of Pithoragadh District on the night of 1981 a terrible black shadow of nature flew about and life there was destroyed totally. This was a cyclonic havoc.

On 15th August 1977 in Taba Ghat Prabhag (Tarai) since land slid thousands entered the lap of death. Regarding causes of landslides scientists opine that in Himalaya regions since trees, plants are cut up in blind insane manner the capacity of that land to obstruct water gets lost day by day. It is because of presence of trees that soil does not get cut up. But the moment trees are chopped off soil sticking to its roots start getting indented and thus many holes and craters start appearing.

In the past years a cyclone appearing in Orissa proved to be very destructive. Due to resultant havoc immediately 500 people died and 1000 got wounded terribly. The ‘credit’ of rendering homeless 200,000 people, goes to this high speed cyclone. Five districts there called Cuttack, Balasore, Puri, Kyonjhar and Dhenukanal got badly affected. This cyclone of June 1982 in actuality shall always be remembered as a fearful and unforgettable ghastly incidence. This cyclone moving at hair rising speed of 200 km/hour rendered the Paradweep port into a graveyard after 12 hours of continuous destructive havoc displayed by it. Millions of rupees of wealth of 35000 people dwelling there was lost. Long trailers with a height of 32-35 feet standing on this port climbed on top of each other in such a way that it looked as though many wooden boxes were piled on top of each other. More than 100 boats were removed from water using cranes. Three light houses strong like rocks with a height of 80 feet broke apart so as to fall down with a deafening thud.

In reality the year 1982 for India was full of ill fortune. India’s 100,000,000 people were ensnared by a dire famine. On the seas shore regions of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka a storm erupted which killed thousands of people. The telecommunication network went haywire. Billions of rupees worth wealth, property etc was lost. The north-west region due to weather imbalances got affected all the more. In one day itself intense cold, intense heat and heavy rains were seen one after another.

In the past days the volcano eruption in Armenia, Mexico, Columbia and flooding noted in Bangladesh thousands of people died prematurely. The entire population of large cities of Columbia and Philippines were converted into hot lava. The famous scientist of USA James Cornell in his book ‘The Great International Disaster’ has given a detailed version of natural calamities of this sort occurring in the world. He opines that due to interfering with nature’s laws and misuse of earth generally such incidences occur. While placing an example he writes how due to the unbearable pressure of increasing population in the past forests got destroyed and since nature based havoc could not be faced aptly a very highly developed civilization had to lose its very existence. In the same way Sumerian Civilization, Atlantis Civilization, Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilization due to its intellectual frenzy and nature’s ire had to get buried in the womb of the past.

Experts opine that trees, plants etc rendering well protected earth’s environment plays a major role in rendering the atmosphere moist. In the absence of lush greenery monsoon season goes haywire and it results in abnormal rains. Thus some regions get heavy rains, some get very less rains and in others no rainfall at all is noted. It is the magnetic force of trees that attracts clouds to the earth and induces it to pour down rain. Due to trees/plants earth’s capacity to absorb remains optimal. In its absence landslides increase and all rain water spreads out in the plain regions. Thus it gets converted into excessive flooding. It is hence that every 2 years in every river water levels rise higher and every 5-10 years ferocious flooding is reported there. Due to this flooding not only lives, property etc is lost massively but that included in it is havoc noted in communication and transport systems, a decrease in supply of drinking water, social-economic losses and agricultural land losing its rich fertility. Each year due to flooding 25-30 thousand people lose their precious lives.

In India’s northern states flooding and landslides has become very commonplace. The way in which deforestation is going on speedily, intensity of flooding too is augmenting in tandem. Each year out of 328,000,000 acres of land 140,000,000 acres gets affected by flooding and landslides. Along with this 6000 ton fertile soil from this region while flowing away in this flooding enters river waters. Regions rendered fertile after about thousands of years in one such weather change is rendered unproductive.

What is the reason behind these abnormal changes noted in worldwide weather conditions? High intellectual weather scientists opine that in subtle interstellar space a Jet Stream Locking System is in place. Above earth’s surface the environment is hotter and on the Polar Regions it is colder in comparison. In these circumstances where these 2 conjoin a dense cloud chain 6-10 miles long starts forming. These clouds are not commonplace but that are forms that are very cold, artificial and gross forms of known wind units. Ordinarily these be becoming clouds in a very short time would get destroyed yet in the past 20 years due to changes noted in earth’s atmosphere these clouds get locked with each other and hence for many months together remain steady in one place. There are not one but millions of Jet Streams. Changes taking place in the Polar Regions are said to be the root cause of abnormal weather changes on earth.

Say how did this state appear quite suddenly? How did the measure of changes on Polar Regions and deadly toxic gases in interstellar space reach such sky high limits? Scientists opine that due to vile actions on man’s part like industrialization, milking natural resources mercilessly, uprooting greenery insanely etc are resulting in increasing earth temperatures. Human vile brain has played a major abhorring role in creating abnormal conditions on the Polar Regions. If the ecological cycle and Polar Region System of functioning that renders planet earth well managed is rendered haywire, none can remain insulated from the dire reactions of weather conditions. Clouds of disaster ceaselessly are looming large everywhere and without doubt they shall become more furious as days pass by.

The chief of ‘World Watch Institute’ the renowned scientist Lester Brown in his research data unearthed says that the measure in which world’s population is increasing its indirect effect is seen on rainfall because for more people more land is required. Thus forests get chopped off and its far off future reactions are seen in rainfall. Thus flooding and famine are its ‘gifts’. Not only this, toxicity filling up the environment, by rendering heavy changes in its temperatures emerges forth as cyclones and sea storms. This is the most ferocious form of Mother Nature and it creates highest measure of destructive havoc too.

In the tear 1982 according to weather experts of the world nature’s wrath in various regions of earth was not definite in an uncommon manner. Ordinarily this does not happen. Seasons generally manifest in a particular way in various regions. As per this at appointed times cold, heat, rainfall etc is noted. No doubt sometimes undefined and rare changes in these do occur yet these are exceptions to the rule. This year too this exception loomed large everywhere.

According to leading scientists such an uncertain situation appears only when earth is passing by hazards like an Ice Age. In the past such partial destruction occurred many a times when due to imbalance in weather conditions in various regions the very lives of creatures and humans were at stake and regions highly populated with humungous activity became bare and silent akin to graveyards.

The time span of such partial destruction extends for thousands of years. In this time frame not only is it perilous for creatures and plants but that land and the ocean’s central regions too change. The state of continents seen today on earth was not the same in the past. In sea regions islands emerged and in the middle of earth by making a crack oceans started flowing. Whenever such changes occurred it was glimpsed as strange changes in weather conditions. These days too such strange situations are forming on noting which one can infer future hardships to be faced. If truly something of this shall happen a suspicion shall lurk as to which part of land’s condition shall be of what type and god alone knows what type of calamity pours down?

In the last May month in India’s northern region cold was at its peak. Since the past 100 years such weather was never experienced. In June it was hottest. In June end so much cold was felt that woolen clothes were worn. In July again heat was felt. On deeply studying such abnormal weather changes it becomes clear that some special change shall take place in the weather.

On noting the temperature of planet earth it appeared that some heat engine propelled by the sun had landed on earth. The cause for cold somewhere and heat somewhere is said to be vegetation and the ocean. The ocean and plants absorb sun’s heat and thus the temperature of those areas in comparison to other areas remains less.

Such an uncertain temperature of the sky was noted after thousands of years. The state between the Ice Age and Hot Paradigm is called Warm Interglacial Period. A same sort of situation is about to appear. The history of world’s water and air is full of hot and icy paradigm. Right from previous thousands of years till today small big changes of many types have occurred in the atmosphere. At present due to heat of water and air we are heading towards Inter Glacial Period. In January 1982 in the mid west region of USA a cold wave killed 246 people. Due to ferocity it was called ‘Siberian Express’ because this icy storm was said to have travelled from Siberia’s Polar Region. As a result the temperature recorded was - 59 degree Celsius.

This cold wave created a new record. In the eyes of weather/season scientists till today the in tensest cold right from the 19th to the 20th century can be said to be that noted in mid west USA.

Due to snowy rainfall many expressways of North Georgia got blocked and many accidents were reported in areas of North Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Why do such sudden and unexpected seasonal changes occur? Are the rise-fall noted in the conditions of interstellar space responsible for them? Very seriously scientific research is going on these days regarding it and they are trying to find out as to are these nature based errors or that along with them are conjoined future probable disasters manifesting?

When normal season science tried to understand and teach others the causes of this year’s upheavals noted they could reach only the state of finding causes on the basis of ordinary interstellar space traditions.

Due to chains of mountains increasing with higher heights, landslides etc atmospheric changes occur. Water, air and the ocean are being influenced by this atmosphere. All around the sun in earth’s elliptical path changes are getting converted from a spherical to a circular one which affects weather conditions. The earth is changing its path too. Due to all these changes solar rays falling on earth’s surface can reach the sky too.

When the sun gets covered totally by volcanic dust a change takes place in the atmosphere. Due to dust of Stratosphere which covers upper layer of earth’s atmosphere sun’s mature rays cannot reach earth’s surface and thus the latter turns cold. Volcanic dust may linger in the atmosphere akin to clouds for as long as between 1-7 years. In such types of examples this very year in April an Ilcheon Volcano explosion that had occurred in Mexico can be included. For many months dust of this volcano clouded the atmosphere of earth. This dust obstructed up to 10% radiations.

Apart from volcanic dust due to industrial pollution created by mankind the transparency of the atmosphere all around us is getting destroyed. Its influence may remain for many more years to come. On earth’s surface heat’s absorption and its spreading out is dependent on the apt balance of the plant kingdom and water based founts. On its basis only ice solidifies and thus snowfall ensues. Since forests and jungles are being massively chopped off this balance day by day is getting tarnished and air, water etc is drying up.

The number of sunspots keeps increasing-decreasing. The highest number of sunspots is noted in the 11th year and 20th and 24th year. Many times it takes 80-90 years for these sunspots formation. Some times are special wherein it is related to the sunspot cycle and weather changes. In times when number of sunspots is highest famines manifest. Bang opposite to this, this time something extraordinary happened. In these very days in India’s Tamil Nadu region it rained very heavily. No cause for this was unearthed.

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