Siberian Tigers

Oct 16


Maria Kruk

Maria Kruk

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Siberian tigers and snow leopards are probably one of the most peculiar big cats species in the world, due to their standing on the verge on extinction!

Siberian tigers (tigers,Siberian Tigers Articles snow leopards)Palaeontologists have been contesting about the evolution and the origin of Tigers. According to experts it is believed that China is the origin of all tigers. The other name of Siberian tiger is Amur tiger. It is said that this species of tiger lives mainly in the mountainous region of Sikhote Alin. There is another sub-population in the province of Primorye which is sutuated in Far East Russia.  The Siberian tiger is characterized by rusty-yellow and rusty-reddish color. It has not less than 150 cm body length.The Siberian tiger can travel for a distance of up to 1000 kilometers. According to the experts, it is estimated that there are about 4,500 -7,500 snow leopards in the wild. Along the international borders, it is said that there are upto a third snow leopards. In Central Asia, it has been confirmed that it lives in 12 countries and it is said that its home range is about 12square kilometers to around 500 square kilometers. Snow leopards can be found in mountainous areas of China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bhutan, Russia, India, Nepal, Kygyzstan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. These leopards are said to prefer rugged terrains that have cliff, slopes that are rocky, gullies and ridges. Tigers have been praised for being effective when it comes to hunting. Their stripped coat offers them camouflage and they are also suitable for icy lands.     There are international and national laws which serve the function of protecting snow leopards. These laws have strict regulations on import and exports of these animals. It is believed that the Siberian tiger is the largest felid that has ever existed. According to experts it is believed that not less than 10,000 years ago Amur ancestors were the ones who colonized central Asia. They are said to feed on hares, Salmon, rabbits, musk deer, Manchurian wapiti and goral.  The Siberian tiger has a large skull and has a sagittal crest that is developed with strength and height exceeding that of the lion and the other types of tigers. It is said that the size of Siberian tigers skull is between 331 to 383 mm. At 4 years of age, the Siberian tigers are said to have reached sexual maturity. According to experts it is said that Siberian tigers can mate at any time of the year. They don’t have specific season for mating. The Siberian tigers gestation period is said to be between 13 months to 13 and a half months.    There are different myths about tigers in different cultures. The tiger is known as the three senseless creatures in Buddhism. In Buddhism, a tiger represents anger and rage. Siberian tigers are considered to be closer to deity by the Tungusic. The Tungusic people refer to it as “old man” or “grandfather.” For many years the big cats have fascinated many. In China tigers are a sign of wrath, fearlessness and royalty. The people of Manchu refer the Siberian tiger as “the king.” They call it “Hu Lin.”