Tiger is Predicted to Extinction Twelve Years

Nov 23


cathy chen

cathy chen

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Wild tigers are less and less, due to the illeagal killing, it would be died off in 12 years. So the summit meeting is held to save tigers.


 Tiger Conservation Summit

The tiger conservation summit is held in St. Petersburg,Tiger is Predicted to Extinction Twelve Years  Articles Russia. At the summit, the expert warned, If we don’t strengthen efforts for tiger birth to stop the decline in tiger numbers. There probably won’t be any trace of tiger in the field till the next Chinese year in 2020. A series of action plans for target before 2022 have been went through.The air is the number of tiger would be doubled before 2022.

The recent worldwide situation of tiger

World Wildlife Fund estimates that there are just about three thousand two hundred tigers in the wild all over the world. Compared to the number in one hundred years ago, they have drastically reduced. In only thirteen countries are there the wild tigers. They include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos , Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia, but also the participation of the National Tiger Conservation Summit. The reason of reduce

With the economic development, many forests are destroyed, the tigers have been deprived of living space. The tigers have no place to hide, Thus they are more likely to be the beasts of prey. The skin of tiger is worthy; parts of tiger body can be used as medicine. Nearly one hundred thousand tigers are killed by the human greed.

In order to obtain the various parts of the body, many tigers are illegal killed. Asia is the thermal areas for wild tiger trading. International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) estimates that illegal wildlife trade volume may exceed 2 billion U.S. dollars. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reports, in China and other East Asian countries, The needs for the bone, eye teeth, the palm and other organs of tiger contributes to the trade of tiger trading. Moreover, the conventional wisdom that eating tiger penis can be impotence, also caused people has more interest with tiger.

As in some Asian countries people are still able to obtain huge profits by selling the tiger’s organs, rampant poaching is serious. This threatens the living circumstance of tiger. It is reported that the amount of poaching and illegal smuggling of endangered species has been as high as 100 billion U.S. dollars each year.

Strategies to save wild tigers

The meeting is regarded as an unprecedented opportunity to save the tiger from the endangered dilemma. The main goals of the meeting is to plan the details to prevent poaching, using the tiger bones as the traditional medicine and destruction of tiger habitat.

Mahendra Shrestha, the Project Manager of Save the Tiger Fund Headquartered in Washington, DC, told Reuters: "with the way of tiger conservation in the past, tigers would be extincted within 15 to 20 years. The situation would be improved, if implementation of the law, curbing poaching and protecting the remaining can be realized effectively.”

At the same time, the most hateful is those who wear the coat with tiger skin and hair. The high need for those caused the high price, thus the people in Asian countries would risk to illegally killing the wild tiger. Thus we encourage public don’t to buy those thing related to wild tiger. If you really have the taste, you can choose coats with the man-made skin and fur as replacement on line. Such as in dinodirect the popular on line store, which can provide various coats and attract many fur fans to choose what they want. In this way, you can enjoy yourself and also make contribution the wild tiger protection.

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