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Some years back in Himalaya Mountain’s N-W region brown hued pheasant birds predominated but since poachers killed them in large numbers their existence is in danger. These birds with a long tail and red beak are beautiful. In Himalaya’s marshy areas one could previously find rare pink headed ducks that are not seen anywhere  the world over. Till 3 decades back these roamed in mountains freely yet today not one is seen there.

In the beautiful garden of nature one finds large groups of various types of living beings. Each group adds to the beauty of the garden and radiates it thus. In it are included creatures that contribute to human advancement and those creatures also that although are not useful for mankind yet since they are inseparable units of the cycle of consciousness they too are important. The divine creator or God has not made anything which can be termed useless. Man based on tests related to his limited selfish gains labels something or a creature as useful or otherwise yet we must not forget the fact that planet earth has not been created merely for human beings. In fact it has been created keeping in mind the needs of other creature groups and the widespread world. It is not for man to decide which creature requires what type of things in this gigantic world garden. Certainly there exists another authority that via its self directed management directs and controls the ecological cycle and entire world’s movements. This managing system controls both creation and destruction. Lest man interferes in this arrangement when not required it can be called his arrogance only.

The duo of inert nature-conscious living beings i.e. has its own importance in this beautiful world. The beauty of inertness is but the manifestation of consciousness and it symbolizes the inseparable mutual cooperation bond between them. Human interference is apt only if it adds to rendering nature more beautiful and consciousness more advanced. By overshooting these limits and by taking steps lacking farsightedness disturbances are created in the otherwise smooth operation of the ecological cycle. The reaction of this disturbance is various types of dire situations faced the world over.

Take the example of inert nature and analyze its condition. Thus it can be understood that in the name of development to the extent man tampered with nature benefits have accrued less and many more losses have had to be endured. It is our ill fortune that we measure prosperity on the basis of merely how much visible material attainments have been amassed by us. Despite a balanced environment being unlimited we do not harbor the tradition of accepting divine attainments with reference to the subtle world’s atmosphere in the form of material benefits. Lest mankind had realized the importance of these subtle divine gifts and had weighed them aptly,Guest Posting never would man arrogantly dare to interfere with nature so excessively. Yet we must say that it is man’s vile brain that he kicks away untold benefits to be accrued in future times just so as to reap immediate benefits. Thus man could not save himself from the dire results of milking nature’s wealth with efforts lacking farsightedness. In reality varied types of fearful world situations chiefly natural calamity based are but the reactions of human tainted activities and efforts lacking farsightedness.

So far we have talked about results of un-required tampering with material nature seen as abnormal season and weather changes like flooding, famine, earthquakes, landslides etc. Inert is always inert yet consciousness is conjoined to living being’s sensitivity. Man amongst conscious living beings from the various potentials and capabilities standpoint reigns supreme. On the basis of brain power and skills, mankind lords over the world of creatures. Lest man akin to himself had given other creatures to live life by looking upon them as very required and inseparable units of this world or else had allowed them to live life with freedom this world would have been rendered more beautiful and radiant. But instead innocent creatures became victims of man’s inner cruelty. Some species were killed out of the passion for hunting as a sports pastime and others were killed for eating their flesh and thus entered man’s stomach. Some had to die in an agonizing manner since due to modern trends these were used for manufacturing artificial means and materials. Due to this hard hearted activity so many species and sub species of creatures became extinct from this beautiful garden called planet earth.

According to biologists in our country India one can find more than 500 types of sub species of various animals, more than 3,000 birds and more than 3,000 types of worms, germs etc. Amongst various beasts years back 35 sub species have lost their very existence. Till some years back in Himalaya Mountain’s North-West region brown hued pheasant birds predominated but since over here poachers and hunters killed them in large numbers their very existence is in danger. This species of birds with a long tail and red beak are very beautiful in appearance. In Himalaya’s marshy and meadow areas one could previously find rare pink headed ducks that are not seen anywhere else the world over. Recently till about 3 decades back these roamed about in this mountain region freely yet today not one is to be seen there. In National Museums one can merely find their remains. At the beginning of the 20th century in certain areas of Andhra Pradesh-India and on the shores of River Godavari a very rare bird could be found but today not one is alive here.

Apart from birds the number of tigers, cheetahs, lions, deer etc living in jungles is fast dwindling. In the Bihad forest of Madhya Pradesh-India lions predominated. A decade back their number was in thousands but as per a report tabled only about 400 of them remain alive. Very few reindeers are alive today. No doubt the government has put a total ban on forest creatures by enacting laws yet behind the scenes in a hidden manner their poaching yet persists. In Nagaland on an average daily 5 lions are killed. Each day hare, hen, wolves, deer etc are killed in thousands. Forest experts opine that one of the reasons why such swift decline is being noted in the number of jungle creatures is that these beautiful creature’s adding to nature’s beauty today becoming preys of human beings’ cruelty have in turn become means for augmenting man’s wealth. In countries like Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, America etc these creatures are exported-imported in a very veiled manner. In India the number of apes etc is fast declining. It is inferred that since monkeys are just one rung below Darwin’s Theory of Evolution ladder it is that much easy for scientists to understand human nature and subtlest changes in the bodily centers via monkey research.

Ecology experts conclude that the process of nature’s balance depends on the world’s devolution and the mutual strong bond of give and take between all creatures. Every unit of this inert-conscious world viz. plants, trees, microbes, humans etc are inseparable parts of a cosmic life cycle. Each is mutually bound to others in a strong imperishable bond. It is due to the union of inert-conscious life exists on planet earth. Plants absorb wetness from earth’s soil via their roots. Air and light freely hand over their gifts to all plants. On ‘drinking’ this gift plants get nourished well and bloom forth radiantly. They in turn become food of animals and humans. Alien elements in the form of garbage ultimately on merging with soil, render it richly fertile. Dry seeds of plants, flowers, leaves etc on falling down land into the soil below. After a well defined time span both creatures and plants on withering away mix with soil. Small germs, worms etc present in soil devour these remnant materials and ultimately for plants ready food supply via their stools, urine and dead bodies. A self propelled cycle of carnivores too goes on. Those creatures that predominate in number become food for others. The control of their augmenting is executed by living beings themselves that are units of the ecological cycle. Sparrows eat worms, wasps etc and thus control’s the latter’s excess number increase. Frogs eat mosquitoes etc and it ultimately gets devoured by snakes. Hawks eat up rats so as to control their number increase. Peacocks are eaten up by snakes. Lions eat up jungle creatures like deer, pigs, hare etc. This is a cycle of carnivorous creatures wherein one eats up another and then it itself gets eaten up. Man rests outside the periphery of this creature’s cycle. Thus he must not interfere at all in this self directed cycle of other creatures.

But since man again and again breaks apart this cycle of balance so many dire situations can emerge. Lest birds are killed in this vein then in a few years merely the number of worms, microbes etc that harm crops shall augment prolifically. It is possible due to this the very existence of the plant kingdom can become dangerous. There are so many birds that help a lot in pollination. Since snakes are destroyed rat population shall increase greatly and these can harm crops in a big way. Amongst violent beasts like lions, tigers etc it is not apt to kill them because they too contribute a lot in maintaining an apt optimal ecological balance. From the standpoint of health and cleanliness so many creatures contribute in nature’s cycle. Eagles, vultures etc by eating up dead bodies ward off dirt and epidemics of deadly diseases. Amongst hard laboring animals cows, bulls, horses, asses etc play an extraordinary role. They give thousand fold more benefits to mankind in comparison to what they eat. It is definitely man’s harsh cruelty that while they are alive these beasts are sent to slaughter houses for tearing apart their skin and digging out flesh inhumanly.

Just for a few material gains killing of other creatures opposes human pride and glory. Even if the above observation cannot be accepted when utility value is tested at the intellectual level yet there is one more angle that awakens the inner sensitivity of each human. No expert can deny this fact that from the sensitive emotional standpoint man is becoming dry and hard hearted at the inner nature and personality level. Subtle seers opine that due to murdering of other creatures the subtle atmosphere is going chaotic the result of which is that man’s inner sensitive sentiments are decreasing day by day. A dumb nature withering daily in a wailing manner is asking humanity called ‘intellectual’ that they must stop rendering nature tattered and torn.

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