Discover Who You Are and Why You Are Here

Apr 26


Emmanuel Emezie

Emmanuel Emezie

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Unraveling the essence and purpose of human existence, this article delves into the profound role humans play as conduits of creativity, transforming divine inspirations into tangible realities. It explores the unique mental and physical capabilities that equip us to fulfill this purpose, emphasizing service to humanity as our ultimate calling.


The Human Role in Divine Creativity

Humans are not merely inhabitants of the Earth but active participants in a continuous creative process,Discover Who You Are and Why You Are Here Articles serving as intermediaries between the spiritual and the physical realms. This concept is akin to how a television set transforms broadcast signals into visual content. Similarly, humans receive ideas and inspirations, which can be considered divine in origin, and materialize them into physical forms through their actions and creations.

For instance, consider the process of architectural design. An architect envisions a building conceptually before translating this vision into detailed plans, which a builder then uses to construct the building. This transformation from thought to reality illustrates the human capacity to act as co-creators with the divine.

Exploring Human Creative Abilities

Humans are endowed with a variety of mental powers that facilitate our creative capabilities:

  • Drive: The motivation to pursue goals and complete tasks.
  • Self-Control: The ability to regulate thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Feeling: Sensitivity to physical and spiritual phenomena.
  • Intelligence: Comprising intellect (reasoning), memory (recall), and knowledge (information retention).

These abilities vary significantly among individuals, contributing to the diversity of human talents and perspectives. This variation explains why people excel in different fields and occupations, shaping a society rich in roles and responsibilities.

The Limitations and Growth of Human Abilities

While human capabilities are vast, they are not infinite. Each person has limits to their knowledge and skills, but these abilities can be enhanced through practice and experience, much like muscles strengthen through exercise. It's crucial to recognize that our mental faculties can develop significantly over time, reaching their full potential through consistent use and application.

Service to Humanity: Our Ultimate Purpose

The true value of human life lies in its utility to others. Just as a product's worth is determined by its usefulness, so too is a person's value measured by their ability to meet the needs of others. This principle is vividly illustrated when people turn to God or others in times of need, expecting divine or human intervention through practical assistance.

For example, when someone prays for health recovery, they typically seek medical help, trusting that divine aid will manifest through the healthcare professionals. Similarly, a person needing financial assistance for a business venture will approach banks or investors, rather than expecting miraculous provision.

The Moral Imperative of Service

When we assist others, especially without expectation of direct repayment, we engage in a higher form of service, aligning our efforts with divine purposes. This cooperation in creative work not only fulfills our role as divine instruments but also ensures that we contribute positively to the collective human experience.

Conclusion: Embracing Our Creative and Service-Oriented Nature

Understanding our role as both creators and servants enriches our perspective on life and motivates us to use our abilities not for selfish ends, but for the greater good. In doing so, we not only fulfill our purpose but also attain true fulfillment through service to humanity.

This exploration into the nature of human existence and purpose invites us to reflect on our own lives, encouraging us to live intentionally and contribute meaningfully to the world around us.