What are the best Fragrant Flowers in India?

Jan 12


Jyoti Vedi

Jyoti Vedi

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The flower is a lovely gift which is given by nature. It enhances the beauty of our earth with its attractive colors and beautiful fragrances. Its aura brings immense peace of mind. They have their importance in every nook and corner of the world.


Some people love gardening their homes with different kinds of flowering plants. They are important in almost every occasion of human life. Depending on the type of occasion,What are the best Fragrant Flowers in India? Articles it can be selected appropriately. People love to use perfume to smell good and many perfumes are prepared from strong-smelling flowers. If you want to surprise your loved ones with flowers on any occasion then you can order from online flower delivery and make it delivered at the doorstep. In India, many varieties of flowers add color to your garden and also make your garden fragrant. A few have been listed below. 


These scented flowers are also called Rajnigandha. This bulb produces tall flower spikes with numerous tubes like blooms and a smell that is rich, sizzling, and fascinating. Its popularity is because of its beauty as well as its delightful fragrance. Because of its overwhelming flavor, it is used in perfumery. It is also used in making floral garlands which are offered to gods or used as wedding ornaments. If you are a gardener who loves the scent, you will flip for tuberose.  


The most fragrant plants that can be grown in your home garden are Jasmines. Their delicate flowers are used to make perfume. There are so many extremely popular species of jasmine-like Jai, Juhi, Bela, etc, The sweet smell helps to sleep properly. Bring home this white fairy through online flower delivery.


Nyctanthes are also called night-flowering jasmine or Parijat. It has aromatic flowers, with a five to eight lobed white corolla with an orange-red center. It is beautiful and also has many medicinal values. This blooms from August and November. So, if you are planning to plant nice scented flowers in your garden then parijat can be the best choice. Get this flower with plants to your garden through online flowers delivery.


It is known as the Raat Ki Rani is the night-blooming flower. This grows in any climate and is also known as an evergreen flowering bush. Every fragrant garden is incomplete without this flowering bush. Its aroma mesmerizes you. Places having this Raat Ki rani will brighten up your senses and relax your mind.


Locally known as Champa or sometimes the Tree of Plumeria. This comes under one of the best smelling flowers. There are many small-sized, flowering trees in India referred to as” Champa”, which may or may not be related botanically. With bunches of colorful flowers adorning, these plants are actually tiny trees that fit into any planter easily. If you are looking for ornamental blossoms for your garden, then you can avail of this from an online plant with flowers delivery. 

6)Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea is unique in its exquisite beauty and aura. There are different varieties and all grow wonderfully in hill stations of India. These sweet-smelling flowers come in a wide range of colors and are the main feature of this climbing plant. This can be grown by seed sowing. If you want your garden to be highly decorative then order these seeds online, where you have same day delivery and free shipping options.

 7)Sweet Alyssum:

It is a delicate carpet of tiny flowers with a deep sweet scent. The low-growing leaves with tiny cross-shaped, four-petal flowers cover the ground for much of the growing season. It can be grown throughout the fall and winter. This plant reaches the mature size within two months of being planted.

 Final Lines:

Color and Fragrance are important in the garden. Some of the greatest smelling perfumes are extracted from these types of flowers. Plant these natural scents and refresh your mind whenever you visit your garden.