Wild Koala Day

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Wild Koala Day is celebrated annually in May. It is an international event aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers that Wild Koalas face in Australia. Koalas natural habitats are being destroyed due to land clearance, bush fires and disease and its put them on the endangered species list for the first time.


Koalas need trees to live in,Guest Posting feed from and protect themselves from other animals. Without a healthy environment, Koalas cannot continue to live and at present there are no laws in Australia to protect their habitats. Land Clearance is the biggest issue facing Koalas and its resulting in loss of millions of acres of habitat each year. In recent years, bush fires have become a greater issue with fires spreading rapidly and wiping out entire areas of woodland where Koalas live. 

On Wild Koala Day supporters are asked to help by planting a tree, protecting a forest and increasing awareness of the issue facing Wild Koalas. As many campaigners live outside of Australia, charities can now plant a tree on your behalf in a conservation area which is greatly beneficial to Koalas in the wild. If you want to plant your own tree, charities can advise on which type of tree to plant and give guidelines on where and how to plant for the best results. Check out the Save the Koala website here for more details.

It is important to protect forests as it can take years for a small tree to grow so the best solution is to save the existing trees and preserve the Koala habitats. Recycle paper, purchase a refillable coffee cup and be mindful of purchasing timber products that maybe linked to Koala habitats. If you think a product maybe linked then consider is you could buy an alternate product that would do the same job. 

Land clearance is a huge issue as developers continue to knock down trees to create space for new houses and commercial developments. Check that the developer didn’t knock down trees to create space for your next home or the roads to your next home.

Finally Australians are encouraged to raise awareness of the issues facing Koalas by organising events and calling their local politicians. On Wild Koala Day you could organise an event at your school, at your place of work or in your community. Dress up as a Wild Koala as several campaigners did this year, gaining significant, national press coverage. After all, the Koala is the national symbol of Australia and its contributes a significant amount to the Australian economy.

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