A Tick In Time

Jan 16


Arleen M. Kaptur

Arleen M. Kaptur

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Clocks have been around for a very long time. They vary from the ... in design to one that is ornate and ... Colors abound and features are ... digital, ... and litt


Clocks have been around for a very long time. They vary from the simpliest in design to one that is ornate and multi-functional. Colors abound and features are hand-set,A Tick In Time Articles digital, computerized and little bit of everything in between.
Whether you live in a one room apartment or a mansion with twelve bedrooms and servant quarters, clocks can be a very definite decorating strategy. They add color, motif, and a very basic function - to know what time it is whenever you want to know.

In the kitchen, a clock can tell you if you have five minutes or thirty minutes to eat your breakfast and get out that door. In the bedroom, they are pounded on, thrown, and yes, can play jingles to get you up and around. In the foyer, you know when you left and when you cam back. Why even your car has one, you carry one on your wrist or in your vest pocket, and no New Year celebration is complete without one.

Choose wooden frames to match or offset your furniture, choose comical versions for children's rooms and family rooms (yes, Mickey and Minney can tell you when your favorite show is on), and in the bedroom you can go from floral to jeweled cases that will delight your eyes upon awakening. IN the kitchen, they should be large enough to be seen as someone sails through or that you can glance at to make sure your cake will come out perfect. Of course, you do have a stove timer that can do that but we all are a bit skeptical and do like to check things out ourselves.

Old and antique clocks and watches are true "heirloom" treasures. School clocks from bygone days make great accents to rooms and they are large enough for everyone to enjoy. There are engraved and pocket watches that tick with the heartbeat of generations long ago, but still keep time to the modern life we all lead. Clocks may change in their working parts because of new technology but their goal is still the same - to tell you to the minute what time it is. Alarm clocks have been the bad boy for anyone who wants a couple extra minutes of sleep and they are the champions for those whose big moment has arrived and their lives are changed forever.

Colors and casings are the main choices so have fun and pick and choose or make your own. Yes, there are kits to build your own and personalize it as a gift or a reminder of how innovative and creative you are. This feat alone can spur you on to bigger and better projects and the ideas will just begin to flow, but whatever time piece you choose,
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