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For those who live and work in the Northern parts, snow and cold are around for what seems like forever. Those in the warmer climates can only dream about snow, ... and carrot noses. Wherever

For those who live and work in the Northern parts,Guest Posting snow and cold are around for what seems like forever. Those in the warmer climates can only dream about snow, snowpeople, and carrot noses. Wherever you call home, these snow munchkins can be a joy to have around, and a bit of whimsy when life crowds in a bit too much.

Children and adults can build snow families right in their own front yard with Mother Nature supplying the essentials. But anyone can "create" a snowperson with a myriad of craft scraps. Styrofoam balls in various sizes are great for making lightweight and easily decorated snowpeople. Felt, and even worn-out white socks that are filled and given button noses, scarves, gloves, add to the fun of winter or wintry thoughts. You can wear snowmen/women on sweaters, on children's coats or fleece tops just by cutting out, embellishing and sewing or using fusible backing so that your special creations stick when the going gets cold and wet.

Several snowpeople on a window ledge with snow covered pine cones are sometimes just the touch needed to brighten up an area. Coloring pages offer a variety of patterns to choose from - the country version of thin or
the old-fashioned robust, smiling, and cheerful lot.

How about greeting your guests and family as they come through your front door or walk up your front steps? Using tomato cages for body frames, cover with strong white cloth that will withstand the blowing winds, and the beautiful snowflakes that fall, and attach earmuffs, vests, and they can even hold an old sled or set of skis for that quick-decision trip through the woods.

You can even decorate hot chocolate with whipped topping snowpeople, trace on cookies with icing and snowpeople pancakes are a hit for week-end brunch. The possibilities are endless and are only reigned in by your time and willingness to spend a few minutes in the land of Frosty and friends. So gather up grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles, children, cousins, and whoever else is within reach and start creating a whole family of snow friends to share your wintry days, even though it might be sunshiny bright with nary a cloud in the sky, but the fun will just "melt" away the after holiday days.
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