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When you’re designing your new bedroom, don’t make it a challenge. Keep it simple by determining what case goods you’re going to need and what style of bed works in your space. In this article we’re going to go through the steps of finding the furniture that fits with what you’re trying to accomplish in your sleeping space.

Designing a bedroom from top to bottom doesn’t have to be a challenge. The easiest thing to start with is determining what is available in the way of beds and case goods that fit both the room and your storage needs. In this article we’ll examine some of the many types of furniture available for your bedroom décor as well as some ideas in beds that may help you to open up your look and provide a more relaxing and restful sleep environment.

When we discuss case goods,Guest Posting we’re referring to furniture that is built with a case structure that will have doors, drawers or a combination of both configured into it. Case goods provide ample storage for most bedrooms that are limited on space or perhaps don’t have the necessary closest space to accommodate all of your clothing or personal affects. Since case goods are available in a variety of sizes and designs we can consider many different pieces when putting together our new bedroom.

Dressers are long case goods that will typically feature anywhere from six, eight or eleven drawers throughout the unit. The dresser is a nice wide unit that provides enough storage for clothing but also provides a nice long surface on top for any number of things. You can almost think of dressers as a counter top for your bedroom. Because of their length, dressers often will be fitted on top with a vertical or horizontal mirror. These can be attached to the dresser itself or some are wall mount, depends on the manufacturer.

Chests are tall, yet narrow case goods that will often have four, five or six drawers that are stacked on top of each other. The chest takes up less wall space due to the width of the unit. There are variations in chests in terms of more special units. Gentleman’s Chests are actually wider as they have a drawer side and then a door side that may have a pole inside for hanging clothes. Lingerie chests are more narrow than a standard chest and are for smaller items and clothing.

Armoires are large units that will often contain a base as the bottom unit and then a taller unit that sits or mounts on top of the base that has doors. Behind the doors may be shelving or it may also be left open for a television. Poles are often installed in the top unit as well if no closet space or limited closest space is available. The armoire is one of the largest case good units and will require quite a bit of space

Nightstands are the most common of case goods. They are smaller units that fit nicely next to a bed and are usually close to the same height as the top of the mattress on the bed. A great place to rest your glasses, have an alarm clock or anything else you need close by when you wake up in the morning. Nightstands can be built with drawers or left open depending on the style.

Finally you’ll want to decide on your bed. There are many styles available with different features you may find useful. Some beds are now being offering with hydraulic lifting mechanisms that lift your mattress up and reveals storage beneath. Great if you’re short on space. If a lift mechanism is a little too modern for your taste you could go with a bed that features under bed storage drawers. Built in drawers or storage in a bed is great especially if the storage is too limited in your space. You may want a bed with a more open appearance below it. If this is the case you could consider platform bed style beds. These are beds that accommodate just a mattress and don’t require a box spring. Bookcase headboard beds also offer additional storage ideas. These beds feature shelving or recessed shelves in the headboard that will help provide space for those smaller things when nightstands aren’t possible.

In this article we’ve taken a look at designing a bedroom by examining the different pieces of furniture that can be utilized in your space. Dressers which are long case goods can also have vertical or horizontal mirrors mounted over them to help maximize your space. In chests we found more narrow units that can come in a variety of configurations which include gentleman’s chests and lingerie chests. Armoires provide upright storage solutions as well as a place for entertainment within your bedroom as they can be fitted with a television or pole rods for hanging clothes. In nightstands we discussed how these provide a great place to put things you might need when heading to bed or waking up in the morning. We also explored some storage ideas in the way of lift storage beds, under bed storage drawers or keeping the look open with platform style beds.

Ultimately your bedroom décor will need to be designed in a way that is both functional and comfortable to you. Finding the right pieces for your bedroom may take time and patience. Consider your storage needs as well as the aesthetics that you’d like your room to have when picking your furniture. You’re sure to succeed.

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