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More and more women who want to look their best as they walk down the aisle are turning to bridal boot camps. These training camps offer classes in etiquette,Guest Posting personality and poise along with physical fitness and beauty.

Women enrolling at bridal boot camps perform calisthenics, pushups, running, aerobics, resistance training and more. These sessions last an hour a day for about a week however different boot camp programs may differ in their schedules. Bridal boot camps also conduct nutritional counseling classes and personality development classes for their participants. They also provide benefits like discussions with wedding planners, photographers, beauticians and makeup artists.

Would-be brides alone do not attend bridal boot camps-even bridesmaids, moms and mothers-in-law of the bride as well as other female relations may attend. This makes it a party. Many boot camp programs offer discounts for big groups and are often conducted at locations provided by the clients.

Bridal boot camps also cater to celebrities as well as average women looking forward to swimsuit season. Bridal boot camps have become a part of the package that a woman chooses for herself before her wedding so she can look and feel her best on the big day.

However, bridal boot camps do not come cheap. A month of training at a bridal boot camp may cost around $300, depending on the reputation and caliber of the program attended. Bridal boot camp organizers mainly advertise themselves on the Internet and in bridal shops. There are also advertisements in the papers months before the wedding seasons of May and December commence.

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