Bring The Seashore Inside

Jul 8


Arleen M. Kaptur

Arleen M. Kaptur

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It’s vacation time and families ... are “getting away” for a week-end or longer. Many go to a ... ... so that they can enjoy hot, soft sand, cool breezes, and water ... The


It’s vacation time and families everywhere are “getting away” for a week-end or longer. Many go to a waterfront get-a-way so that they can enjoy hot,Bring The Seashore Inside Articles soft sand, cool breezes, and water activities. There is so much for every age-group to do when it comes to oceans, lakes, or smaller water areas. If you are into surfing, fishing, or water-skiing then these are perfect destinations. When you have children with your group, what can they do to pass the time when the water gets a little too chilled, just after mealtime, or when they need a quiet time from all the activity?

Searching for seashells or agates is a family affair. Letting your children discover the uniqueness in each “find” and letting them enjoy the pleasure of a “treasure” puts smiles on everyone’s face. You bag up your shells or agates and then when you get home, they are usually put in a jar or a can and shelved. Why not use your found items and decorate your home with them, especially your child’s room?

Picture frames are about the easiest way to remind everyone of the fun and enjoyment you had on your trek to the seashore. They can be as elaborate as you like, or as simple as placing a few “favorites” on the edges of a pre-made frame and highlighting a photograph. Those with wonderful color hues or very unusual shapes or textures work best. Framing a small bathroom mirror, or dresser accent is also a fine way to display nature’s works of art. If you have a jewelry box or any small decorative chest, add shells and give it new life. Placing a shelf in your child’s room high enough not to create a safety hazard, and placing large starfish or horns will give them many moments of day-dreaming and reflection. Just adding a few new shells to your home aquarium or goldfish bowl will give it very special meaning and a personalization.

In your family room or living area, try drilling a small hole in some very charming shells and string them on fine fishing line. These can be used as tie-backs for draperies or curtains, or as a very unique valance. Just decoratively hand them from a curtain rod and let the sunlight play wonders with the pearl-like qualities many shells have. You can also use an ice bucket and fill it to overflowing with large shells that beckon glances and give food for conversations. Add shells to candlestick holders, or flower vases.

In a bathroom, highlight a soap dish or other bathroom ornament with a few shells. Place very small ones in a crystal clear vase and then add your flowers. The water won’t do them any harm and they add exciting highlights to your blooms.

However you decide to use your seashells, let your entire family join in the fun. There will be laughter, after-vacation fun and memories. Everyone will have a different slant on how to use them, but never let these jewels of the sea be hidden in a drawer or box. They are too lovely and yes, practical, to be forgotten.

If you still have shells leftover, it’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. I’m sure anyone would be delighted with a gift that brings the sea right into their home, especially if they can’t get away or get to a seashore. Adding to the gift, the knowledge that it took thought and effort to create a one-of-a-kind gift, just makes it more of a cherished memento. Seashells that you find on beaches or seashores are a gift from Nature to family, friends, and your home.
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