Common Waterbed Sheet Materials

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Several materials are used to make waterbed sheets.  Waterbed owners can choose between many different fabric options when buying sheets.  Each fabric has its own advantages.

The three most popular waterbed sheet materials are cotton,Guest Posting satin, and flannel.  Each material is comfortable and long lasting.  It is up to the person who will sleep on them to decide which is best. 

Sheets made of all waterbed sheet materials have a thread count which tells consumers how many threads are contained in each square inch of fabric.  Most sheets have a thread count between 180 and 200, which is good for most people.  Thread counts can be as high as 400, but these sheets are usually very expensive and aren’t that much softer than sheets with lower thread counts. 

Cotton waterbed sheets are comfortable and durable.  They are usually made of a blend that contains half cotton and half and half polyester.  These blended sheets can be stiff and rough when they are brand new, but they get significantly softer when they are washed a few times.  Other cotton waterbed sheets are made of 100% cotton with a thread count of 300.  These sheets are exceptionally soft and silky.  Cotton waterbed sheets usually have corner flaps that keep the sheet from slipping or moving when people sleep on it. 

Satin waterbed sheets are luxurious and comfortable.  Satin is known for its smoothness and for its bright, lustrous appearance.  Satin has one side that is shiny while the other side is smoother and duller.  The dull side is perfect for sleeping on while the bright side gives a bed a glamorous appearance.  Satin is softer than cotton, but it is much more fragile.  People should take extra care with satin waterbed sheets and be sure to launder them according to the directions given by the manufacturers.  Satin waterbed sheets are usually connected to the mattress with sheet connectors that are placed under the mattress.      

Another popular waterbed sheet material is flannel.  Many people say that flannel is the most comfortable waterbed sheet material of them all.  Flannel waterbed sheets are made of 100% cotton and are known for their softness and comfortable texture.  Flannel sheets are probably the warmest of all materials as well.  Many flannel sheets are designed to fit over the entire frame of the waterbed.      

These are the three most popular waterbed sheet materials.  They are all soft and comfortable.  Buyers should be careful to follow all handling directions to insure that the sheets will provide many years of comfortable sleep.

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