The Importance of Waterbed Sheets

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Waterbeds provide a unique sleeping experience.  They can be great for stress relief and curing insomnia.  In order to keep bedding in place overnight, waterbeds require special sheets.  There are numerous types of material used to weave the sheets, giving consumers a wide choice of fabrics.

Each type of fabric offers its own unique advantages.  Waterbed sheets come in an endless array of colors and patterns,Guest Posting allowing buyers to pick the color and design that best matches the rest of the room.  One unique feature of many waterbed sheet sets is the corner pocket design, which lets users firmly place the sheets on the bed, assuring that they won’t move when you are trying to sleep.

Some popular fabrics used to make waterbed sheets are cotton, satin and flannel.  Each fabric offers distinct advantages, one is not necessarily better than the others.  Waterbed sheets come with different thread counts.  A thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric.  Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.  Sheets with higher thread counts are more expensive, also. It is a good idea to purchase sheets with a thread count of at least 180.  Many experts say that sheets with thread counts above 380 are not a good deal, as they do not provide much more comfort and may not last as long as sheets with slightly lower thread counts.  Most sheet sets have thread counts between 180 and 200, which is perfect for most people. 

Waterbed sheets come in countless colors and patterns.  There are sheets available in every imaginable solid color, from black to burgundy to pink.  Most of these colors are available in all major fabric types.  Aside from solid colors, waterbed sheets come in unique patterns.  People can choose waterbed sheets to match the colors in their bedroom.  Waterbed sheets can also have designs that appeal to children, like dinosaurs or racecars.

A major feature of waterbed sheets is their construction.  Most modern waterbed sheet sets have the top sheet connected to the fitted sheet.  It is usually sewn to the center of the foot of the fitted sheet.  This prevents the sleeper from having to remake the bed daily.  Another interesting feature of waterbed sheets is the corner pocket design.  The fitted sheet has large amounts of fabric in the corners surrounded by elastic that are placed under the mattress one corner at a time.  Once the corners are set, they will not shift until they are taken off of the bed. 

It is possible to use standard sheets on a waterbed, but it is more comfortable and more convenient to use sheets specifically made for the beds.  Waterbed sheets come in so many fabrics and colors that even the most particular shoppers will find sheets to fit their personal tastes.

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