Considerations for Finding Affordable Engagement Rings for Women

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Of all the big purchases that people make in their lives, engagement rings are the one that most people brace for financially. Working with mega-corporation jewelers, it can seem impossible to save yourself money without getting roped into a confusing financing program or without sacrificing appearance and quality. Believe it or not, though, finding Affordable Engagement Rings For Women is not quite as impossible as it seems, you just have to know where to look and what to look for.

This article will teach you a number of ways that you can find beautiful rings that will take her breath away,Guest Posting or (for the girls reading) look amazing if he or she is planning on proposing to you.

1. Go Indie
The first and best way to find affordable engagement rings for women is to take a step away from the large corporate jewelers and explore independent artisans who offer rings for much less. Without the brand-name price inflation, you’ll find your options are much greater than you might have thought, and options mean getting a ring that better fits your needs stylistically, aesthetically, and symbolically.

On the matter of symbolism, many independent jewelers offer options that you’ll never see offered in major chain jewelers. Handmade rings made with all types of precious metals and stones can be found from independent jewelers at a fraction of the price of chain jewelers. These rings contain just as much valuable metal and gemstones but are 100% unique, being hand-crafted one by one for each couple that orders a ring. What could be more symbolic than a ring that is one of a kind?

2. Consider Alternative Designs
In addition to handmade rings, considering alternatives from the traditional, rigid designs that are most commonly seen can be a great way to get affordable engagement rings for women. Many independent jewelers offer completely unique designs created by the artisans themselves, which not only saves money but also opens up even more avenues for choosing a ring that tells a story.

Rings such as bark rings, moissanite rings, twig rings, and curved rings all bring incredible and fresh aesthetics to the table that can make for a ring that truly portrays the incredible relationship you have with your spouse. Choose a bark ring made of apple wood if she is a nature lover; by choosing apple wood, you’ll impart an age-old, traditional blessing of youth and beauty. Choose a palladium ring with a moissanite crystal set into it for a woman who values emotional and spiritual depth; moissanite is a gem that is formed in the stars, nearly identical to diamond, but with a very different history.

Each of the aforementioned designs will stand out from the crowd, hearkening to tradition where it matters while displaying a unique appearance and personality. Despite all of these benefits, nearly all of the mentioned designs cost less than the average chain jeweler engagement ring.

3. Diamonds Aren’t the Only Option
In the last section, we mentioned moissanite as an option for a beautiful, alternative style of ring. Moissanite isn’t the only contender against diamonds for incredible settings in affordable engagement rings for women, though. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds all can contribute to a breathtaking engagement ring.

In truth, diamonds only became popular within the last century as the most popular gem for rings. Throughout history, gemstones like those mentioned above were considered more beautiful and more meaningful than diamonds. The ruby, for example, is considered in many countries to be the “King of all Gems.” Even if you like the crystal clear appearance of diamond, choosing clear moissanite or white sapphire is likely to be a meaningful and price-reducing choice.

As an added benefit, choosing alternative gems to diamonds also means that your conscience can rest easy. Many sapphires, for example, are mined here in the United States and bought directly from mining companies by independent jewelers. Selecting alternative gemstones means sidestepping the unfortunate controversies that plague the diamond industry.

4. Shop Online
In the current day and age, it can seem like a foregone conclusion to shop online. However, you might be surprised by how many people still shop for rings only in brick-and-mortar stores. Brick-and-mortar stores tend to run the show when it comes to advertisement on the radio, so many people assume they are the best option. By shopping online, you can compare prices instantly, find deals that no one else can offer and have access to countless jewelers, both indie and corporate. You can free yourself of the limitations of local stores because not all local jewelers are the right fit for every couple.

When you are ready to buy, make sure to go with an artisan who is passionate, creative, and ethical. Our rings are unlike any you’ve ever seen. Come visit us today at!

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