Decor Tips For Small Spaces

Sep 30


Sarika Kabra

Sarika Kabra

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To make the best use of a small space, use light colors; they give the illusion of light and space. Clear clutter, as a neat and tidy room will give the impression of more space. Choose your furniture with care. Bulky furniture should be avoided. Glass and mirrors can add to the illusion of extra space.


While some of us have the luxury of space,Decor Tips For Small Spaces Articles many of us do not, and have to make do with limited amount of space in our homes. Within this limited space, you then have to fit in optimally the furniture that you need to furnish it. So what would you have to do to be able to furnish a small dining area optimally? What sort of furniture would work well for a small dining room?

The dining room table - The best thing to do, if you have a small dining area, is to choose a circular dining table. You can pick a trestle table or a pedestal or other type, but a round dining table takes the least amount of space, while being able to seat the maximum number of people. Also remember that glass topped tables (because of the transparent or see through material) can make the area look larger than opaque ones made from wood, metal etc.

The dining room chairs - For the small dining room, choose dining chairs that are sleek and minimal in design rather than formal or ornate looking ones. Also never choose dining chairs with armrests when it's a small space you want to work with. They occupy too much space and are heavier and less portable.

The dining room set – Think carefully about what you really need and can realistically fit into the dining room area. Perhaps all that you need is a matched table and chair set and may be able to do without the hutch, sideboard, and server or corner cabinet that may be part of a dining room set. It may make more sense to buy individual pieces rather than the entire set in such as situation.

General tips for small space decoration:

1. Use light colors; they give the illusion of light and space whereas darker colors give the impression of darkness and smallness.

2. Take the help of mirrors, strategically placed, to create the illusion of extra space in a small room.

3. Get rid of extra pieces of furniture. If you don't really need a particular piece of furniture to be in a particular room, get rid of it. Either put it in another room, or do away with it altogether by giving or selling it off.

4. Clear the clutter. A neat and tidy room will give the impression of space whereas an overcrowded room will look small and full. Remove all extraneous items, any things that are lying around, and also make sure that there are not too many decor items around the place.

5. Even too many decorative items around the place can give the impression of clutter and crowd. Rather stick to a few, good quality items for maximum impact

6. Make sure the lighting in the room is right, to create the impression of light and space. Recessed lighting will work better rather than standing or table lamps when the space is tight, because they don't take up any space in the room.