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Sep 30


Sarika Kabra

Sarika Kabra

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A blog is a great asset to a business website. Wordpress is a good CMS to use for your blog. Page rank can be improved using the blog on your site.


One of the key features that you can add to a business website to make it more interactive is a blog. A blog is a very useful tool which can help you communicate everything from special promotions to major makeovers on your product range. It is a simple matter to add a blog to a site these days. Services like Blogger, Popularize Your Blog Articles Typepad and Wordpress make it possible to add a well devised blog with all the widgets that you could possibly want to add in a matter of minutes. Even a total novice can have a brand new blog up and running in less than 15 minutes. It is not rocket science.

Why go with Wordpress?

Personally I am partial to Wordpress Blogs as I find them more than sufficient for the basic needs of any website blog. The links can be adjusted to be "do follow" or "no follow", as you wish. They have a great community which is highly supportive. For any questions that you may have you can visit the wordpress forums and post your doubts. It is highly likely that the question has already been asked and answered, so do search the old posts before you add a new one. This simple activity will save you a great deal of time and effort. They also have a number of new widgets and plugins being developed to use on the blogs constantly. So often when you want to be able to do something on the site all you have to do is search for the plugin that allows you to do it rather than pay someone else to develop it for you.

Setting up the right kind of Blog matters

Once you have the blog set up and any technical questions answered, you can focus on building your brand with your blog. You can avail of a wordpress package like this one from a company. Most people tend to have a fixed plan of what works on the Internet. You write useful content on the blog related to the niche in which you are selling your products. This is the main activity. Then you support this with a number of subsidiary activities that will help ensure the popularity of your blog.

Pushing up that Page Rank

The blog that you run on the website can be of invaluable assistance when trying to beat the competition. You must bring in back links to the website from a number of other sites. You can submit your blog feed to a number of RSS Directories to enable you to do this with no extra effort.  So each time you write a blog post it will be automatically linked back to from a niche appropriate website to help increase page rank. The higher your page rank, the better your chances of featuring higher in the search engine results and the more likely you are to make a sale.

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