Essential Oils - 10 Powerful Uses For You and Your Home

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These luxurious oils have some amazing properties that you can use in your home. They're natural and can invigorate or calm in equal measures. See these amazing top 10 tips for using these highly aromatic oils today.

Essential oils are the amazing natural extracts of plants,Guest Posting trees and grasses from all over the world. When the leaves and plant materials are steam distilled then the resulting liquids have many powerful uses. These highly aromatic oils can be used in aromatherapy, for alternative medicinal purposes and for use in many areas of your home for some very positive results.

Here are my top ten tips for using these luxurious oils:

1. Chamomile is a wonderful aroma therapeutic oil. The soothing effects of lavender become apparent when used to quiet a nervous personality, including those of pets and horses. A larger dose also induces a deeper, more restful sleep for everyone.

2. Tea Tree Oil is from Australia and it has many uses. It can be used to rid the body of a fungus or rash. It soothes burns including sunburn and also relieves bee stings.

3. Lavender is rivalled only by Tea Tree Oil for its usefulness. Due to its aromatic and therapeutic nature, a good use for lavender essential oil is in the bath. Lavender is inherently antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, which is why it is an excellent treatment for minor burns, cuts and scrapes. The oil also helps prevent scarring caused by minor burns, but do not pour the oil into open wounds.

4. Peppermint Oil is one aromatic herb that can be identified by most people. It has been a favoured morning sickness remedy for centuries because not many products relieve nausea as well. Try it also when someone is experiencing motion sickness.

5. Eucalyptus is a popular remedy for tension headaches. Everyone gets a bit tense occasionally, and a dab of oil rubbed on the temples will quickly relieve the stress causing the pain, or the vial of oil may be held under the nose so it can be inhaled. It is also antibiotic and an antiseptic oil, and perfect for use in the vaporizer during cold and flu season.

6. Citronella is the best known insect repellent. Make a hair rinse of the oil and water to repel head lice, and a diluted spray of water and oil will repel fleas from pets and carpet. : A tiny dab of lavender essential oil, used undiluted on an insect bite relieves the itch quickly, and a dab behind each ear not only smells nice but acts as another natural insect repellent.

7. Rose oil is delightful, all-around fragrance oil for the home. Put a single drop of oil in the washer while it is filling with water and add a couple drops to a dishcloth and toss it in the dryer. Doing this will lend a pleasant, light aroma to the clothing.

8. Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory essential oil and also stimulates physical and mental clarity. Rosemary is good to use in muscle rubs and it also soothes arthritis.

9. Cinnamon is a formidable fungicide. Fungal infections like athletes foot and ringworm are no match for lavender’s powerful action. It is also a powerful antiviral. Be sure to buy cinnamon oil and not cassia.

10. Neroli oil has a reputation for inducing relaxation and deep, recuperative sleep.

The pure oil should never be ingested, and should not be used neat (pure and undiluted) on your skin. However, use them safely and essential oils have many exciting uses around your home for very little cost.

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