Facts about My Little Pony that makes their toys special

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This article is about Facts about My Little Pony that makes their toys special

Television shows have always been the primary source to spark wonder among children. This is how they get exposed to a different world,Guest Posting one where there are other dimensions to friendships, magic, and fantasy. Such shows do more than entertain. They provide a gateway to learn through relatable characters. The animation used makes the learning interactive and fun.

Some iconic shows also garner a vast customer base for their merchandise around the world. The same goes for My Little Pony toys. These games are a favourite choice among kids. They are even collected by adults who enjoy the show. They are revered to a degree where there are fandom names.

The adult female fans are called Pregasisters, and their male counterparts are known as Bronies. If you have always wondered what makes its toy line special, here are some facts:

Real-life inspiration

Bonny Zacherle, the creator of the classic toy line, developed the idea after a real-life pony. She lived in Japan, where her father cared for quarantined animals moving in and out of the country. Among them, Zacherle grew fond of a chubby little Korean pony named Knicker. Unfortunately, she could not take Knicker with her when they left the country. But the memory stuck, which gave rise to the creative idea.


The toy range was initially aimed at pre-school children. Zacherle had no intention of limiting it to a specific sex. So, she designed them to look almost similar. This started with My Little Pony, which was a Palomino that just shrunk down. But as the marketing efforts grew, new suggestions came along. This involved inclusion of bright colours like blue, pink and purple. As the acceptance of the My Little Pony game grew, the experimental colours appealed to girls.

Generations of ponies

Initially, the toy line by Hasbros consisted of only six ponies. But as the line got expanded, more characters, colours, and types of ponies got added. These include the unicorns, sea ponies, Pegasus, scented ponies, secret compartment ones, etc. There was also diaper-wearing Drink N Wet ponies that wet themselves. They taught about being alert about diaper changes among pre-schoolers.

Worth of collectables

Besides the regular line, Hasbros also introduced special editions that you pre-order. These were for a limited time with unique ponies. Therefore, only a few people own them. This kind of scarcity has led to curiosity among collectors. The passionate Pegasisters and Bronies pay considerably to own these rare releases.

So, if you find or own such ponies, you stand a chance to make a quick buck. It is like other iconic games with exclusive ranges like Monopoly, Kaws, action figures, etc.  

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