First Trimesters of Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Feb 9


Vanni Jain

Vanni Jain

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Read in this article about first trimesters of pregnancy and miscarriage.

When the fetus is lost before the 20th week of pregnancy it is called miscarriage and it normally happens in the first trimester of the pregnancy and especially during the first pregnancy. When there is termination of pregnancy after the 20th week,First Trimesters of Pregnancy and Miscarriage Articles it is called pre-term delivery. About 50% of the pregnancy which are not reported gets terminated and about 5%-15% of pregnancies which are reported experience miscarriage. When the miscarriage happens before the 12the week of the pregnancy, it is said to be in the miscarriage in the first trimester and mainly happens due to the problem in the fetus. There are some signs of miscarriage in first trimester which should be observed carefully and reported to the doctor immediately. It is important to know the symptoms so that the person could be careful during the successive pregnancies and any further complications could be avoided.

Here you will find the signs of miscarriage in the first trimester -

  • Vaginal bleeding- Bleeding and spotting from the vagina could be the symptom of miscarriage. During early pregnancy, there could be light bleeding but that should be reported to the doctor though bleeding does not mean miscarriage always. If the bleeding or spotting happens severely and it is red or brown in color it is definitely miscarriage and medical attention is needed.
  • Discharge- When there is vaginal discharge which is pink in color it is definitely a miscarriage.
  • Pain in the abdomen- There can be pain in the abdomen and in case the pain is persistent it could be due to the miscarriage.  Due to miscarriage there could be pain in the lower back or pelvis also.
  • End of pregnancy symptoms- during the first trimester, most of the women experience pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, tender or sore breasts and these symptoms go off during the subsequent months. But in case these symptoms go off during first trimester itself it could be due to miscarriage in the first semester.
  • Dizziness- Dizziness or light headedness could be one of the signs of miscarriage in the first semester.
Miscarriage shatters a woman physically and mentally both and she needs to be handled with love and tenderness by the partner and other people around her. A woman who has experienced miscarriage could conceive successfully and become mother of a healthy child in future but some precautions needs to be taken to avoid complications.

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